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    I had a meeting recently with a legal professional regarding the abuse. I was there for quite some time and she took notes. Her face was going redder and a rash appeared on her neck as I rambled on about rape and injuries and photos. After our meeting she said I should go and get a glass of wine now. It woke me up to just how much we minimise our abuse and how our world of hurt and pain become so normal to us. Please try to remember we are the exception not the rule in this world. Sending you all strength. Just to get through the day can be a real struggle but keep going x 🤗

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    Just wanted to respond to this KIP. Well done for going to the meeting in the first place.
    Sending you strength also

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    Hi KIP, well done for going to that meeting.💪 I look at how matter of fact I am and yes, it’s because I’ve minimised what he’s done/doing. Regarding that lady’s reaction, you’ve shown her what these men are like, she’ll be more aware, hopefully, and will be more Iikely to listen to her gut. I tell any person I’m talking to at the time, I do believe there are nice men out there, but we have to teach each other and the futures generation what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable. Not let anyone trample our morals and beliefs. We have to make these men/people accountable for their actions sooner rather than later. I’ve noticed not one person I’ve spoken to has made excuses for my oh but that they’ve said they actually know someone in their circle of friends/ workmates who now they realise the signs they’ll try and help them.
    You have been through an awful time KIP, yet you come across so strong and together. I think, no i know, we go through terrible times in our lives for a reason. Whatever it is, it’s to show a better way to live with humans, to learn humanity, compassion, civility, and sometimes just plain old common sense.
    Blessings to you all

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    Wow well done for reporting and recording your experience legally, that takes alot of courage! After your meeting, I think that the official was the one needing that glass of wine lol 🍷

    I guess our skin gets thicker after abuse and we don’t see our experiences in the same light as non-traumatised people do. It must have been strange for you to see her reaction, she mirrored actually the shock of what you experienced.

    Enjoy and celebrate your courageous action.
    Wishing you a wonderful evening

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