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      I’ve been asked by refuge to sign this form but due to my disability I don’t understand or consent for this to happen and by signing it says I fully understand and consent. It says on the form I dont have to sign but it may mean my support package isn’t as holistic but by signing what support will (detail removed by moderator) give to me? On the other hand even though it says I dont have to sign I’ve been told that if I dont sign I might have to move out..I haven’t got full understanding of this form and dont know what it’s about really. Can anyone shed some light please those who have signed it before Because the staff haven’t talked me through it here that I feel comfortable and safe enough to sign it. It’s all simple just writing your signature down and I could just do that but I would be doing it with what it doesn’t say on the form that I fully understand and consent which I dont! Urghh its driving me mad and God d**n it is just a form and signature but I get conspiracy thoughts when people start to share stuff without me knowing so this would just make my mental health state even worse. I’ve come into refuge with existing mental health issues and the abuse that I’ve been through has had an enormous impact on my existing mental health. Trying to get my head around this form is such a tiny thing compared to trying to get my head around the abuse but I’m being pressured to sign it by staff and it doesn’t seem like they want to give me much more time to figure out how about getting around signing this form fully understanding it or the support to help me fully understand it.

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      Could you ring the national domestic abuse helpline number and ask them. I’m not sure but it sounds like you’re agreeing not to sue them if something happens to you medically in refuge? Don’t be afraid to keep asking until you’re happy. I was extremely paranoid about absolutely everything and I’m sure I drove my solicitor mad but trauma leaves little room to understand things so take your time and ask for a simple explanation x

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      Omg wow is that what it is for? that sounds so understandable and relateable that trauma leaves little room to understand things. Thank you KIP x

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