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      Hi everyone
      This is my first post in this section, Im pretty new to this site, so glad I found women’s aid. I’m sufering awful menopause symptoms alongside cptsd symptoms. I live alone with my pet, are isolated from the world to feel safe. My gp had refused to discuss hrt with me, I’d said how low I had been feeling, their response was my time was up and ended the call. I’m off work has awful cptsd. I feel at risk of work threatening me with my employment. They say they are supporting but it feels that they are not very supportive. I cried so much yesterday felt truly low. I dont know if anyone else encounters similar. I’d spoken with another gp a few weeks ago and finally they say they will ring me back to discuss hrt options. It feels like an awful time of life, one aged abusive parent remaining, grown children living far way, not seen in so long, still at risk from the ex, awful ongoing symptoms of all, fel at risk of losing my job and career that I’d worked hard to build after I’d left the ex. I miss my family so much. I have very low self esteem etc. I had contacted the charity that helped me get away from the ex, they said life threats from him will remain real until the day he dies. I’m now booked onto the freedom programme but won’t happen fur a few weeks. I’m now on half pay from work, I feel any potential healing has been delayed by my gp a

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      Its middle of the night. But here I am. Thank you fyou for all care support and advice. I’m seek g a soevialist counsellor (sa) weekly. Re my health it turns out I’ve a multitude of imbalances in my body. Having investigations. Nothing to manage the symptoms though. I’m just so extraordinary low. Can’t really describe how or why. I know, and all professionals tell me, it’ll be due to the imbalances, oestrogen, vit d, calcium. Hope taking care.

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      Still scared

      it tough but esp in. the middleof the night….i hope thAt some practical help is just around the corner I bet this is the low point and it’s onwards and upwards from here… I really hope so… if I get anything useful from from my doctor I’ll share it with you you… for now just let you know I’m thinking of you….and im just so phsically wrecjed i cant add much now

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      Hi Aliendoh

      It’s always a worry when someone has posted in the wee small hours.

      Lack of sleep will be making you feel worse and the worse you feel, the less you’ll sleep. It’s a vicious cycle and you need the help of a sympathetic GP to help you out of this.

      You are doing incredibly well just to get out of bed each day – you should be proud of yourself.

      I’ve moved a few times since I left my ex and had several different doctors. Most have been very understanding. I ditched the one who wasn’t. He was going to take me off my antidepressants because he thought it was time. I decide when I’m ready to cone off them and I’m done with bullying men so I transferred to another surgery. Please do look into this. It’s easier than you might think.

      As well as the traditional medicines, have you considered natural aids. These can range from herbal teas, rescue remedies and oils such as evening primrose to exercise, visiting natural areas and mindfulness.

      You have a lot going on right now. Leave your career on ice (mine has plummeted) and work on yourself. Your job right now is to take care of you – the rest will follow. Big hugs. xx

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