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      After years of a divorce that has dragged on, my ex is using my eldest son to gather information. I realised a while back that too much info was getting back to my abuser. I began to shut down certain members of my immediate family so that I could find out how he was getting the info. With that done I then decided to test to see if my ex had put listening devices in the property.I had strong suspicions. Bingo my son who rarely bothers with me has asked to come round to see me three weekends in a row. He asked me twice a very specific question that confirms my worst fears the house is bugged. Better than that I noticed that someone had been in my email and that they had come through an open port in my wifi. My ex is looking for money he thinks I have and is looking for evidence anyway he can. (Detail removed by moderator). What do I do, tell my son I know the only reason he is coming to see me is because his father has put him up to it? I could tell he was in the background prompting my son during our last phonecall. I have run away in the past with my children because I was so badly scared of my ex. Now I see none of my family and he has claimed I am the abuser even telling SServices I threatened to kill my child and myself. Too many sinister things have happened and despite the stalking the police can’t help unless he hurts me. WA have not been able to help and say I haven’t moved on but how can I when he is still entering the house and I now believe he was behind the break in (detail removed by moderator) . He regularly came round to pick me up I thought initially it was ok then I realised the real reason he wanted access. I love my son dearly but I know he has become an extension of his father. Some advice please I’m losing sleep over this.

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      Wow. I’m not sure if I have the right words for you.
      You can buy a bug device which finds bugs in your house, such a listening devices. On the internet and not to expensive.
      Tell your Son your busy and make arrangements to meet him elsewhere but make sure your house is secure when you leave.
      Get cctv and an alarm fitten. Change the locks on the house.
      Liaise with your community police officer see if he/she will come to your house to speak to you and offer advice on security.
      Above all take care of yourself and your health. They will tie you in knots and we don’t want you second guessing yourself.
      Stay safe and strong.

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      Hi and what a dreadful think to have found out. It’s so sad that these men find flying monkeys so easily. Bugging someone’s house is against the law, can you ask to speak to a police officer from the domestic abuse team. Obvs make the call away from the home. Let them know what is happening. I also agree with @teabag, change your locks, install cctv, you can do it surreptitiously as well. Cameras can be disguised in many ways now and can be connected to your mobile or be recorded to someone else’s devices. Technology eh!. You could set your ex up with help of the police to I would think in order to prove he’s the one listening into your conversions. Thank goodness you’ve found this out now. There really is no end these men will go to in order to win.
      IWMB 💕💕

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      That would have been my first thought too, that bugging someone else’s house is against the law. It is something we all need to be aware of, I would say.
      As if you didn’t have enough on your plate. Well done for posting. Can’t say anything else much that might be of help, but at least wanted to say that.
      all best

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      I would contact the DA officer at your local police station straight away! The police should take stalking incidents and hacking very seriously. my local police have. this is about your safety, and you may be able to get a non molestation order put in place to protect yourself. Rights of women have an amazing helpline to advise on all legal aspects of DA. please look at their website for more advice.

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