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      To me today when I’d described most things and how I present that I’m not mad at all. She doesn’t believe for one minute that i have all what he said I have which were scizophrenia but polar I’m perfectly normal. It feels such a relief to hear that. Feel so happy x

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      My ex said I was delusional. Needed a psychiatrist. Turns out he’s the delusional one and would probably benefit from a visit to a professional. Lies lies lies. Don’t believe a word he’s ever told you ❤️

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      My ex convinced me I have borderline personality disorder… Professionals say otherwise. They are masters of all this

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      Yes I know I’m seeing things totally different now and trying to accept. He can f.of. hears to me and my boys x

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      Why would you believe the bs these men say? The ex abuser gave me all kinds of mental illnesses.

      First of all was he not qualified to make such diagnoses and secondly I knew myself to this extent.

      It is astonishing that they all come up with the mental health trick, all of them.
      The ones who are sick in the head are them and only them.
      They should all get locked up in asylums and never let out again.

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      Me too, I have according to mine a personality disorder, need sectioning, im mental , mad, need help to deal with life and my emotions ( caused by him !!! ) even when ive had checks he says ive pulled the wool over their eyes and they have missed something.
      Truth is they dont ,live in the rational real world they live in a deluded one so us perfectly sane ones appear mentally ill to them , when in fact we are normal and real they are dilusional in their thinking and views.
      A Lady I spoke to last week said they project their inner selves on us to avoid looking at the truth of who they are, it that they are not right and they put it on us, they project so much of themsleves onto us.
      I saw this last night , our kettle has a lot of limescale and HE wanted to use a black brush that is meant to clean grouting and is not at all hygenic for the kettle and I said this wasnt suitable and I was shocked at the look of sheer anger in his eyes and face that i had said this , I said this to him and he said I am angry because you disagree with everthing I do or say IN FACT it is he that does that to me,has done for years, he said I cant see it this was a perfectly valid and sensible logical point over the brush and he turned on me over it. I agree their minds are very sick

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      You should hear and read what my husband says about me…

      I am so bonkers I think I’ll purposefully stay that way, it’s more fun and as the more the merrier, I think I am in the right circle of friends!!!

      This Forum of mad women is perfect for me 😁😈😜😵

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      According to my ex I was bipolar, OCD, you name it…

      Agreed, I was gradually becoming more and more of an anxious mess being with him.

      Well, it’s taken two years, but I can feel the imprint of the trauma leaving my body. I can feel my body returning to normal and my anxiety slowly dropping.

      He’s the one with a massive problem– sickness in his soul.

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