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    I don’t understand how someone that was abusive to me can seem so liked & normal by the new gf’s family & friends. He spit at me, punched holes in my walls, head butt me, elbowed me in the head. He was a big into (detail removed by Moderator). He even took my credit card without telling me & only fessed up when I confronted him. He also liked to drink alcohol. I had my own place, worked & going to school. My kids did not like him or my family. When he left he said my kids didn’t like him anyways. Huh? I believe he needed to earn their love. Since he was an outside person coming into their life. He said he didn’t like fb or cats & was mean to my dog. He met the new gf & has a profile acct. & now living in a (detail removed by Moderator) together with her daughter & (detail removed by Moderator) cats. I know he’s still drinking. His gf has (detail removed by Moderator) & (detail removed by Moderator), takes care of her daughter of course becuz their the grandparents & her disability & the father taking the child (detail removed by Moderator). Sometimes I think the abuser likes it her more becuz a lot is done for them & his responsibilities are less on him. Why do they get to be happy & I’m still alone?

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    Hi Beaglezupup,

    I wanted to send you a message to see how you are doing since posting on the forum for the first time. I hope it has helped to offload about what you have been through and how you are feeling. It can be difficult to see ex-partners in new relationships but abusers are very unlikely to change and you may only be seeing a very small part of their relationship.

    I hope you and your children will have a much happier and safer future now.

    Keep posting when you can.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi. Yes, my children & Im still single & have moved on. It’s been (detail removed by Moderator) long years of recovery. I attended support groups & got counseling. My 1 daughter is in (detail removed by Moderator) & my son is working consistently, my youngest daughter is a (detail removed by Moderator) student. I cried & didn’t understand but I’m glad to say I’m better & talking about dv & speaking out telling my story all have helped. Lots of ppl don’t always understand what it’s like. That’s why I feel it is important to be around ppl who know about abuse. I have been able to recognize it better now, too. Financially I’m still struggling but at least I’m not crying over the abuser anymore & my kids are away from an unhealthy person. Thank u for your reply & it does help having a place to to get what happened to me…to the public

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