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    Morning everyone,
    I’m new to this forum after being advised to join by womensaid. I didn’t fully realise until now but the last (detail removed by moderator) I have been with my husband I have been manipulated, bullied and controlled. I thought it was me, I have mental health issues but he’s managed to convince me and get a diagnosis and made me believe that everything bad is down to me. I’ve come to realise I don’t have this diagnosis, I now need to somehow get this off my medical notes. How? My family and his family know how controlling he is, we’ve split many times in (detail removed by moderator) but I need the strength not to go back and not be manipulated into believing it’s me and my health at fault.
    We have a daughter together, my youngest who is (detail removed by moderator). She adores him. We have equal rights so I’m panicking that he’ll take her away, it’s been easier to stay with him for this very reason. I don’t want to lose her.
    Things are all up in the air at the moment and I’m trying to slowly close things down like bank accounts and sort access for my daughter etc but he’s not making it easy. He wants to talk to her daily which I am not up for doing!
    I want to divorce him which I believe I can do for unreasonable behaviour but it’s costly and I’ve just applied for financial help as I work part time.

    So much info here but any advice or support would be appreciated. I need to stay away and stay strong.

    Hope everyone is OK in their daily life and safe and finding happiness. Xx

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    Hi sprinkles,
    you can request your medical notes from your GP you have to do this in writing. Sometimes you pay it’s about £50. As far as your note I know that if anything is written about you that you don’t agree with you can ask them to remove it. I think lots of people aren’t aware that the data protection laws changed this year. I hope that helps you xx

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    Fantastic point DIY mum.
    Today I have just waded through electronic accessing of my notes at home, not got there yet, but my understanding is it should be a lot easier now. my surgery said it doesn’t cost anyting at all.
    Change there to when I needed a print out for myself whne it DID cost me 50 quid.
    all best

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    Your welcome ftc x I requested my notes in advance in case I need evidence. Absolutely everything was there from years back gold dust. Luckily it didn’t go that far. It is only right that we are able to see what is written about us too xx

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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you find it a supportive place to be.

    As others have mentioned you can request to see your medical records. A new law came in around 2015 around coercive control in abusive relationships. You should be able to question the diagnosis on the grounds of coercive control.

    If you haven’t already you can call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247. Calls are answered by trained female support workers. They won’t tell you what to do but can talk things through.

    Take care and keep posting

    Best Wishes


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