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      Hi all,

      I have recently done a statement to police ref my domestic abuse.

      I had not heard anything over (detail removed by Moderator), i have now been told that they dont have enough evidence to charge, so he got away with shooting me and all the abuse financally and verbal and slapping me round the head. Im so hurt by all this and im the one he hit. Why is he getting away with this?

      He said he wants custody of our son and asked for mediation i said no because he wont listern to me to me or do what he wants, what happens now?

      want this to all stop. Ive come so far both my son and i are so happy.

      Can someone give any advise or if someone been through the same

      Many thanks daylight xx

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      Wants To Help

      Sadly, there are many occasions when the evidence does not meet the threshold of the Crown Prosecution Service for a realistic chance of conviction. This is often when it is one persons word against another and no further independent evidence to support the account. To get a prosecution in criminal court the burden of proof has to be beyond reasonable doubt. Evidence to arrest is different to evidence to convict.

      This outcome does not mean that you are not to be believed and the assaults didn’t happen. Many abusers believe this outcome is their proof that something didn’t happen and that they can then get the upper hand. You need to stay resilient and apply for a Non Molestation Order now to keep him away from you and your home so that he can’t contact you in any way. The evidence of the police investigation will assist with this.

      You’ve had a set back, but don’t let this stand in your way of continuing to protect yourself from abuse. Continue to work with Children’s Services if they are involved, but don’t mediate. You can’t mediate with someone who has committed violence against you, it is not advised.

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      Sorry to hear about that Daylight. I can imagine how you’re feeling but no doubt one day he’ll behave like this again to somebody else and hopefully won’t be so lucky. You definitely need a non molestation order so he’ll keep away and if he wants to see his son then let him start proceedings. It’s unlikely he will get custody but more than likely will get some contact, it’s frustrating for us mothers that know that these men are capable of, but until the law changes slightly regarding that it is what it is, they’re free to continue their abuse all perfectly legally! Xx

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      Hi turtledove

      Hope your all ok?

      I have now got a non molestation order out on him but back in court soon as my ex is contesting it.

      Im scared that he will get it granted and he will try and kill me due to his last text if i see you i will run you off round but i always have our son with me so if he kills me he be killing our son. Also my ex was never at home and when he was he didnt look after our son.

      I just want to get on with mine and my son
      lives and be happy again.

      Any advice what to do next?

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