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      I’ve left my ex partner who abuser me.
      And I’m having really a bad nightmares
      I’ve had them a few nights now

      Is this my body reacting to PTSD? I’m having them about other people but they all are abusive.

      I’m waking up sweating also.

      He’s not tried to get in contact which is confusing but giving me a chance to get stronger day by day minus the love bombing. Which he did do at the beginning but has strangely stopped.

      We are communicating about our child through an app which if anyone needs private message me.

      If anyone knows anything about recovery did they have nightmares? I don’t miss him. I’m bizarrely missing something but it’s not him.

      Thank you

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      Hi my beautiful angel … sunshines,
      You’re nightmares maybe a way for you to work through things in your subconscious mind that you cannot face working through in your conscious mind during the day.
      Dreams and nightmares always have a meaning but can also relate to things you have seen, spoken, or thought about during the day. So try and trace back your day as well.
      A good idea would be to do a dream journal, as soon as you wake up write down anything you can remember, this may help you unravel things or trigger emotions you have not yet dealt with. Its also a good idea to keep a feelings journal in the day and see if the two match up in anyway.
      Look for the messages in your dreams and nightmares, they will certainly be trying to tell you something. It may also be a sign of a spiritual awakening after the trauma you have been through.
      If they continue maybe something like hypnotherapy or meditation could help
      Sending you my love & support
      Darcy xx

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      Hi Darcy,

      Thank you for your reply
      Today after the nightmares I feel in a very confused state. This may sound strange but I had a dream he was with a woman all night this woke me up sweating. I do not know why maybe it’s a part of accepting the detachment of the situation. I also believe my dreams are a hidden message like you said. The other dream well nightmare took me back to a time when I was working and happy but I was going to self defence classes but I was worried I was really ugly to the whole class.

      They are just nightmares that when I go back asleep another starts. I’ve had them the past few nights all containing violence. I can’t believe I’ve been traumatised this much. That when I’ve finally left my dreams are consumed with horror.

      Today I’m weak I’m going to try and go on a walk maybe to feel better.

      Thank you for your kind words and advice xx

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      It seems like you have a good understanding of what your dreams/nightmares are trying to tell you.
      I agree with you, him with another woman is detachment and maybe reminding you he is not your problem anymore.
      Maybe your other dream is showing you that you can be back at work and happy but also now you are able to defend yourself.
      The part about you being ugly is showing you you need to work on your self love, from the inside.
      Going for in nature is a great way to connect, well done.
      I would defiantly get a bedtime routine so you are in a relaxed positive state when you go to bed. Lovely lavender bath, or shower with some nice shower gel. Don’t watch or read anything scary, or watch the news, nothing that will get into your head. Just wind down slowly. Try and do this at the same time every night. Also don’t have any foods/drinks that will stimulated your brain while sleeping, maybe a nice cup of chamomile, or a night time tea before bed.
      I put it on a lot of my posts but I recommend that you read Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life to help with building up your self love again and establishing new boundaries that will serve you.
      Stay in touch my love
      D xx

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      Thank you 🙏 I shall read this book
      I have done a very long walk in nature this afternoon this should help with my sleeping and yes I love lavender will try to use tonight.
      Thanks again xx

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      Yes lavender is my favorite fragrance to … sweet dreams my angel xx

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