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      Hi All,

      I was just wondering if anyone had experience of extending a non molestation order if it hasn’t been breached? I feel like the non mol has acted as a deterrent but what happens when it expires?

      I don’t want any contact with him at all and to continue with 3rd party for our child but I think he’s looking forward to the day it runs out so he can talk to me. Ugh. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about! And I’m not sure the person who’s acting as 3rd party will continue once there is no legal requirement for one so not sure what I can do there.

      Any advice would be much appreciated xx

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      Hi there,

      Thank you for posting. You might want to contact DV Assist regarding extending the non-molestation order, they can talk through your circumstances with you and advise of the next steps. DV Assist are available free on 0800 195 8699 or via email: [email protected]

      Best wishes,


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      My solicitor wrote to him and said that although it was expiring he was still expected to follow the terms and have no contact and if he tried to contact me then this letter would be presented as evidence and used in court. It sets out how you feel and it can be used as evidence if he harasses you which is what unsolicited contact would be. You could also add the that police will be informed if he tries to contact you x I know the worry that comes with the ending of the order so this might give you some kind of feeling of security.

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        Thank you for sharing this. It is helpful xx

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      Thanks for the responses Lisa and KIP. I’ll speak to DV assist for their advice before I speak to my solicitor (funds are running very low so I’m trying to keep solicitor advice to a bare minimum if I can find the info myself). It’s reassuring though to know I can tell him via my solicitor that I don’t want any contact and he is expected to respect that.

      Thinking logically about it, he can’t force me to have contact with him if I don’t want to. But I’m worried because from his perspective/actions, there seems to be this sort of countdown to when the non-molestation order expires. It’s as if it’s been a legal requirement imposed upon us that we’ve got to get through not that I actually went to court to seek it’s protection for me from his abuse. He’s that delusional he believes his own BS. It’s been such a relief to have no contact and not having to subject myself to him that I dread things having to change.

      Just need to find a way to make no contact work without the non-mol……just in case. Hope I can xx

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      NCDV helped me – there were breaches tho. If you can’t get one keep a record of anything that happens and that will be so powerful because you can go back quickly saying this is why I need one and it is only the court order that kept him away. I know it is a worrying time but with that non mol he knows you have found your voice and power. Wish you all the best x

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