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      Hi, i have been with my partner for (detail removed by Moderator) years, i thought we were happy, but how wrong was i! (detail removed by Moderator) he came home and told me he was packing his stuff and leaving, i begged him to stay, we spent (detail removed by Moderator) back and forth messaging and being ok at home and then he just left, on (detail removed by Moderator) he messaged telling me it was a trial separation and it was to see if he missed me, missed the kids and to see if he could live like it for ever! Since then he has messaged me horrible things, blaming me for the entire beeakdown, i wasn’t amazing i will admit i did just come home put pjs on, some nights come home eat food and go to sleep, but he’s never told me how he’s proud of me, i have since going back to work after our youngest was born been told I shouldn’t of, i should of stayed at home we would be better off, he’s never told me I’m beautiful etc, but would always message things like where are you? Your not with me are you, you should be doing me instead… he said that was his way of trying in the relationship, no i stopped coming on to him etc because that’s all he ever wanted was sex, but never cared that i ran around after everyone and worked and was maybe tired, or maybe if he had told me he thought i was hot etc then maybe that would of made me want him! Any way, he has made it clear he only wants the kids when I’m working, he’s made me switch to day shifts so he doesn’t have to come over in the week, and only have them weekends, he knows i can’t do anything as i have the kids, we have days where we’re ok and then he flys off the handle, he’s made my life hell (detail removed by Moderator), he says it’s because i won’t let him go, but he’s gone what more does he want from me! He is now saying unless everything’s changed over to my name he won’t come and have the kids, i have contacted everyone but he doesn’t know because he said i won’t do it because i want him back so much! He goes out all the time and proceeds to tell me and then leaves by going have fun, knowing i can’t go anywhere, he said if i want him to have the kids i need to contact him to see if he’s free! He said i trapped him but if i ever went out he’d message me being like you could be with me, if he went out i never messaged him to let him enjoy his time away! He used to then moan i never told him to come home to me rather than go to the gym, but he used to moan because of my working shifts he couldn’t even go to the gym :/ he has been weird since he went to (detail removed by Moderator) which was paid for by this guy he knows! Maybe i should of seen it coming, maybe he planned it with them whilst out there! But he’s destroyed me (detail removed by Moderator), i don’t know whether I’m coming or going, i have to be happy for our 3 kids who are (detail removed by Moderator), he is controlling me from afar because he knows he has me where he wants me, working or having the kids whilst he can go and do what he wants, pub, cinema, golf, etxc

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      In my opinion this back and forth nonsense is ridiculous go no contact give him what he wants only contact for the kids yes no answers don’t even mention the relationship for now .your trying to make seance of what he’s telling you by saying what you did when you came what if you was tired and went to bed he could of joined you it takes two.he’s using you like a babysitter unfortunately it happens he’s controlling you though by saying you should be with him when you want free time

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