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      It will be nearly (detail removed by moderator) since I got him out of the house but he continues to try and terrorize me. He manages to get around new locks and has hacked every device I have. So finally I am going to have to go back to a stupid phone and a seperate camera. Something told me things weren’t right as I hadn’t seen my son for a while and when I did he blue toothed his phone to my car,so that we could listen to music.
      I didn’t see him again for a while and when I did,he was going on about using my wifi and wanting the passcode I didn’t give to him but he did it anyway. He had the original wireless key. I goggled blue tooth and devices linked to your car and found out they can detect where you are. I checked my wifi firewall and there was evidence of someone trying to remote control my wifi on more than occasion. So I had to get a new modem and change my passwords. Then it dawned on me that he has been doing this for the past number of years and so knew exactly where I’d been what I’d been doing and who with. He has followed me on social media and gone through photos as of course he’d somehow got pass codes and uploaded my data to icloud. He took over my email and hacked another. So as far as I’m concerned he knows everything. He even tried to change my security questions. I have been to the police but sadly they are so understaffed or frankly in the dark about this kind of behaviour, that all I get is we need a photograph of him coming into the house. I know now for certain that he has a locksmiths tools. He has used me as cover for his frankly shady personality. So to preserve his reputation he has trashed mine to my family. My sister in particular has helped him and frankly lied her head off to help him.
      I may as well leave my front door open and as I don’t think anything will stop him. Thing is how do I prove this?

      Please do these things for your cyber security.
      1 Make sure any smartphone has two factor turn on.
      2 If your child stays with you make sure the network is forgotten or signed out from.
      3.Do not let anyone bluetooth their phone to your car.
      4 Turn off location services like findiphone.
      5 Remove stickers from your wifi so that they can’t get your password for wifi.
      6 Check any devices given to your children.
      7 Have 2 phones. 2 or email addresses
      8 Do not take photos of passwords pins etc.
      9 Be very careful of social media and avoid posting anything that can give a clue as to where you maybe.
      10. Get the best locks you can and have a deadlock if poss on both front and back doors.

      I hope I have n’t scared the bejesus out of anyone but this is from bitter experience.
      All of the above happened to me throughout my marriage, due to his paranoia that I had a secret life why because he did plus his numerous affairs and very sordid sexual activity. It led eventually to mental breakdown and now my children live with him because I’m a looney tune one of his many names for me. He also got my son to lie in court thinking this would prevent me from returning home and have me declared insane. So I’m off to buy an ordinary phone with no wifi etc.

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      Hi there New wings, I am sorry to hear about everything that you have been through. Thank you for sharing information that might be useful for other users.

      Unfortunately, digital abuse is an increasing issue for survivors. At Women’s Aid we reconignise how crucial it is to try and keep safe online or when using devices. You can find out more about how to Cover your tracks

      You can find out more about Online and digital abuse here
      Best wishes


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      This sounds terrifying NW, what a nightmare! I can only hope my ex doesnt think about doing this or finds out how to do these things because I can not get my head around what you are saying, only that you have been hacked and can see how and how he’s been using it. Sadly you are an expert now! x

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      Hi new wings thank you fir posting this up. We don’t think they will ever do anything like this do we. My oh has a friend who works in IT, in fact he’s da..ed clever. It worries me that he’ll get him to install cameraps or be able to track me. My oh used to be a drug dealer (unbeknown to me)when I first met him.when i found out he was told it’s that life or me, he did choose me, got a job and became normal or what i thought was normal. Boyoboy was I wrong. It’s very common for them to be doing what they accuse us of ie affairs..
      Best wishes IWMB 💞💞

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