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      Twisted Sister

      …their cars and devices checked and reported on for tracking!

      There is a massive hole in women’s security and safety caused by the ease with which women and children can be electronically tracked.

      I am thinking something similar to when bikes used to be checked on bike checking days,run by schools or clubs, where, at quietish time (for the neighbourhood policing team -if there is such a time) women can have everything checked to ensure they are safe.

      We cannot be expected to stay safe without this basic form of protection/alert to stalking.

      Is there anything like this run by tye national stalking (suzy lamplugh trust)?

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      Twisted Sister

      Women need to be able to prove they are being stalked.

      Its all too easy and we need help urgently.

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      Main Moderator

      Hi Twisted Sister

      Thank you for your feedback. We agree with you and have seen an increase of women experiencing digital stalking.

      Yes it would be good idea to give the National Stalking and Harassment helpline a call as they specialise in this.

      You could also have a read of this booklet which has some useful information

      Take care


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      Twisted Sister

      Thank you Lisa.

      Looking through some of those pages has been so helpful.

      For others to see: this from the stalking protection website,

      Stalking and harassment is life changing. It causes intimidation, loss of jobs and relationships, the victim to move home, fear and sometimes death to the victim.
      The behavioural characteristics of the stalker are easily recognised but yet practitioners in the Criminal Justice System time and time again have failed to identify, assess and manage the risk due to a lack of understanding and inadequate training.
      We count the cost in the lives of our daughters.

      …and this…

      Stalking Awareness Week 2019
      (8-12 April) turned the spotlight on stalking as a public health issue.
      This year’s annual National Stalking Awareness Week Conference focused on the physical and mental impact of stalking and the role of the health sector in this insidious crime. Research undertaken by Sam Taylor, Emma Short and James Barnes indicates;
      91% of stalking victims reported suffering from mental health problems having been stalked
      78% of stalking victims present as suffering from PTSD
      48% of stalking victims reported positive support from healthcare practitioners
      The National Stalking Consortium is calling for healthcare professionals to be issued with guidance to enable them to better identify and understand the severe impact of stalking on victims’ health and the need to implement appropriate referral and treatment pathways.

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      Twisted Sister

      It was also described as ‘slow murder’

      Very sinister

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      Thank you for sharing this Twisted Sister, I scanned the doc attached from Lisa and find it very interesting too. I bought a book about how to keep myself safe online written by a IT security consultant ( who used to be a hacker!) this document says the same, it’s very accurate.
      To keep ourselves safe online is so important, as my ex likes to be online and show his presence 🙄
      Did you get cyber stalked by your ex?

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      Twisted Sister

      Yes HopeLifeJoy,

      Apple were very helpful actually, which was a part of it, he had access to everything. All telephone numbers, friends/family details, calendar (so our activities), emails. He had it set up so he’d be sent every email received!

      …and more.

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      Twisted Sister

      He also would call my phone and listen in, andhadthe device number off the back so could track it too..

      Sick sad individuals huh.

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      I’m sorry he did that to you, good idea to have gone to Apple, I hope any admin rights he had set up in your accounts are removed now and that you are free of his stalking.

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      Twisted Sister

      Thanks HopeLifeJoy

      Sadly it was only a small part of a bigger problem, hence the ask now.

      There are may ways to stak,and despite contact with womens agencies have no real support to actually keep safe from all the means used and known methods of stalking.

      I need to find out fully and report it all

      Warmest wishes


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      Twisted Sister

      I have tried the link from that document and it’s saying it’s an insecure site.

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      Twisted Sister

      Also, nothing seems to come up when using the link either.

      Is it now called ‘scared of someone’?

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      Twisted Sister

      Thank you Lisa

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