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      Hello lovelies…. Im sure i have ptsd and im wondering if youve had any form of treatment and the ptsd has stopped for you? ps. ive been reading peoples posts and im blown away by your bravery, honesty and kindness to each other

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      Hi Betty
      Great question.
      For me I have found yoga and meditation to be the most effective ‘treatment’ for me as well as having a wonderful counsellor who specialises in abuse.

      On yoga, if you’re interested, it’s really important to find a good teacher and a class for beginners if you’re new to it. Yoga is a moving meditation which calms the mind. If you suffer from anxiety, focusing on the breath is very powerful. We will have been in fight or flight mode with our abusers which causes shallow fast breathing which stimulates the nervous system. Breathing OUT actually calms the nervous system down. Try doing a full exhale and notice how it helps to release and calm. We do a lot of breathing exercises eg. Breathe in for 5 counts and out for 6 – to bring the nervous system down. I also find that yoga helps with acceptance and appreciating the now, rather than being triggered by the past or being fearful of the future.

      If you are interested you could try to find a yoga nidra meditation on YouTube for example. Yoga nidra is a good introduction because there are no poses – it’s all about lying down and getting really really comfortable and relaxed.

      You could also look at Headspace online for meditations.

      I am sure there are other effective treatments and I’d be really interested to learn about them.


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        Hi and thanks for the great idea. I’m Defo going to try. I’m desperate and close to just giving up… thanks again x

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      Hi Bettybird,

      I had a lot of PTSD symptoms initially but they seem to have calmed down quite a lot recently which is positive. I think really focusing on self care has helped a lot such as:

      – Trying to get enough sleep including making sure I have a calm bedroom and a good book to read
      – Eating healthy nutritious food that heals the body, mind and soul
      – Gardening
      – Yoga
      – Walking
      – Art therapy (drawing and painting my feelings)
      – Journaling each day
      – Video diaries
      – Support groups
      – Reconnecting with friends

      I think all of the above has really helped because it’s very healing and helps you reconnect back to your core if that makes sense. The painting and writing and diaries help to get out difficult and painful feelings and memories so that they don’t follow me around all day, the gardening helps me focus on something else and being outside is very calming, the exercise helps tire out my body of nervous energy and helps me sleep better, the yoga is wonderfully calming and helps me stay in the present, and reconnecting with friends and support groups helps me to feel connected and supported and less alone and isolated.

      Also what has helped is finally being there for myself, not self abandoning, listening to my gut, standing up for myself, and putting myself first for a change ie. not letting others guilt trip me. I listen to positive abuse-recovery youtube videos each day (detail removed by moderator) which give me positive pep talks and make me feel understood and validated.

      Are you doing things like the above to help? Also there are great therapies out there like EMDR, I haven’t had it myself but I’m on the waiting list for some trauma processing therapy so that would be another thing to look into if you haven’t already.

      I hope this helps 🙂

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      Around 65% of women who experience domestic abuse suffer from PTSD.
      And yet nothing has been established to help us women.
      We have to do a guessing game of what might help us.
      For me, nothing has helped so far.
      Mindfulness does not work for me, yoga does not work for me.
      Writing makes everything worse because I relive the situations with an enormous intensity.
      Anything that should help me express my thoughts makes it worse and I get into a state some time later.

      I am on a waiting list. I hope they have something useful for me.

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      I’ve suffered dreadfully, There’s been many triggers too. I found the mindful colouring books helped. Mindfulness didn’t relax me it made me more tense as did it in a group setting. Walking helped, listening to birds singing, being around nature. Is there any craft you enjoy doing, one thing I found helped was dough craft helped me as the kneading the dough was therapeutic also the painting after it was baked, (removed by moderator) which I felt like I’d achieved something. I have journaled too, it helped writing it down on paper. Here feels like a release too as I can let all those horrible things out and hopefully help others feel not so alone. Trying to do normal things around the place also helps, it’s still scary as I think back to him & all the things I was criticised for, all his monitoring & rules. Even sitting listening to the garden birds is beautiful, looking at the clouds & seeing all the shapes. Doing things that you enjoy doing, things that keep you happy, things that you couldn’t do before because they made you feel uncomfortable. Being around friends, although that can be tense if they don’t understand if your shaky & if they are the type to point out you need to get over it. I’ve been looking for local groups that are quiet places, maybe a library or local womens institute group. Anything to take your mind off of bad thoughts. Some days even making a small shopping list, being brave walking to the supermarket & getting those bits. Even church, I haven’t done this yet but have thought about it as think the atmosphere would be calm. Anything that would make you feel at ease a little more. My own personal thing would be to be surrounded with calm peaceful people,who completely understand why you are struggling and would help & encourage you to heal xx

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      Thank you so much for the info. I really appreciate it x

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      Twisted Sister

      Sorry you are suffering like this Bettybird.

      I have to say i haven’t been able to enjoy books/reading for a very long time, i find my head wanders to horrible places, but i have found listening helpful. like audio books. also the outdoor exercise. trying to manage to grab enough sleep in between coping with the sometimes devastating experiences of nighttime.

      being around intensely engrossing activities, i mean like great loves of your life… maybe some pet or watching wildlife or your own passion for something that makes you genuinely forget yourself and feel happiness however brief.

      i also have to avoid things like yoga, as it again distracts the mind from whats going on around me and any noise in the midst of that would send me skywards, so pretty devastating. its just a daily struggle and i have to stay alert.

      Nights are the worst, and i have a nest of a bed, with whatever i need that night, maybe many cushions, pillows/animals/teddies/telly/radio/lights/something solid to grab onto (like a heavy stone!)

      whatever works for you is what will help and it might take some experimenting, and it can also change.

      warmest wishes xx ks

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      Twisted Sister

      on a bad night it can be better to sleep in the day!

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