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      Firstly, sending lots of love to anyone who needs it today <3

      I just want to ask if anyone knows what would happen if you wanted to record DV with the police but take no further action?

      I have looked online but can’t seem to find a definite answer and have seen parts where it says the police can take action regardless.

      All I want is to record what happened in case it happens to anyone else but am unsure of the consequences.

      Sorry if I sound silly but I never thought I would report it as I have always been too scared and worried but I feel like I am at a point where it would be a good idea to.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you xx

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      Wants To Help

      Hi there,

      You cannot report something to the police ‘for information only’. They are a law enforcement agency and if you disclose something to them that amounts to a crime then they are duty bound to investigate it, especially with domestic abuse.

      Most police forces in the UK now have their primary vision as Protecting People From Harm, especially protecting vulnerable people. DA victims fall in to vulnerable people category.

      They can arrest without your approval, and if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute with ‘evidence led’ evidence (formerly known as a ‘victimless prosecution’) they will. They can also put a Domestic Abuse Protection Notice on the abuser to forbid them from returning to the family home if the evidence warrants this to protect you and children from harm. A DAPN is a temporary eviction notice.

      Many ladies think they can report to the police “just to let them know” or “just to get it logged” because they think that all of these reports can help them in court at a later date as ‘proof’ that they’ve been living with an abuser. This is not the case, just because a lot of lists of alleged abuse is reported it is not proof that the incidents happened, it just means that someone has reported incidents but have not been happy to have them investigated. The opposition solicitors will use this to the abuser’s advantage.

      The police do encourage victims of DA to report it, but they are not actually up front with victims about what they will do with that information once they get it. This often leaves ladies feeling more upset and out of control of the situation because things happen that they didn’t want to happen. Alternatively, some ladies feel that the police can do more to help them but they then just record and file an incident because it does not amount to a crime.

      My local police force have a policy where they will arrest if they can and take ‘positive action’. You cannot ring my local police force ‘for advice’ because once you disclose a domestic incident they will pursue it as far as they can. Some police forces may vary, but on the whole, police policy with domestic incidents is to enforce the law where possible.

      This may sound as if I’m putting you off reporting it to the police but I’m not. I just want you to be aware of the reality of what is likely to happen.

      I got out of my abusive relationship without involving the police but I did utilise many other agencies to help me. Without professional support I couldn’t have done it.


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      Twisted Sister

      I was always advised to log everything, regardless of whether I wanted to pursue it, but now, looking back I wouldn’t have logged anything with police, maybe with other agencies, but not the police because it can be used against you.

      I am not encouraging you to avoid action against your perpetrator, but to be mindful of what you plan, and how you actions will impact the outcome. Get legal advice is what I’d recommend. As fair as I’m aware, you can log incidents ‘anonymously’ with WA, but check this, as they may record your phone number or IP, SO CHECK that out, and they can give you a number to log incidents against so that you can keep a log.

      Honestly, I now believe the best thing I could have done was to keep a log myself, and if anything were to happen involving police, such logs are used as evidence, but this is not legal advice, and ultimately its a legal matter so you could try Rights of Women for free specialist advice on this?

      keep safe

      warmest wishes


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      Thank you for your replies, you have both been so helpful. I had some idea of the things you have said but nowhere near the same knowledge but I’m so glad I know now.

      I have a record myself and some photos and texts. He used to delete a lot of evidence so I don’t have everything but I have enough if anything were to come of it.

      I also have my counsellor who has agreed to write a statement if ever required.

      I wanted to log what happened in case it happens to his new girlfriend as I can just sense it. It sounds stupid but I just feel like there is more to come. I really hope not but I just have a gut feeling.

      I think I will keep it to myself for now. Thank you for your support and advice xx

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