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      Thank you for your support DIY Mum and everyone else. I think I was stunned at what has happened as he had seemed to be almost invincible. As to making some kind of advantage out of this event yes he would have, of course he would have and did when I was ill he moved back into the family home after (detail removed by Moderator) yrs apart, it was (detail removed by Moderator) that got him out and then he told our children that I had thrown them out too.
      My mother was incredulous that (detail removed by Moderator) to get him out and (detail removed by Moderator) I involved the police as I was sure he was going to do me some harm. She seems to forget he used the police on me many times. He arrived very shortly after the locksmith had left used a different knock and disguised his voice. I have to say it was one of the most sinister episodes of my life, it was so creepy and I could feel the menace, I feared for my life at that point.
      His anger has increased dramatically since then as I have gone completely no contact, prior to that I did try to be civil for the children’s sake but, even that was used against me. Feeding them false information so I didn’t know what plans to make over holidays. So of course he’s done it again. I was to have them over Easter but decided not to go anywhere as the last time he broke into the house. I wish there was a way I could use this to my advantage but taking the kids back with me would only cause havoc and although they both want to return they are afraid of his rage. He has started smoking again and despite being told he can’t drive for (detail removed by Moderator) months has been driving to the shops, I suppose that doesn’t count. I honestly never thought I could despise another human being as much as I do him. However, I don’t think of him as one. To me he is devoid of spirit, there is no positivity and instead he is filled, consumed by complete hatred and malice. As time has gone by any vestiges of humanity have gone and his true colours are becoming apparent. My mother told me recently that she had met him and his gf up at her holiday place. This would have been just after I put him out and he thought it was appropriate to stay at my mothers place! So why is my Mum telling me now? (detail removed by Moderator) . This should be my brothers domain,as he is going to drive them up to the coast as my ex can’t drive. My ex has been telling my children that he thinks my brother is a failure, yet he is happy to accept (detail removed by Moderator) and other things and never reciprocates. He is treating my brother the way he did me. My son actually said for,the first time Dad hasn’t a good word for anyone and doesn’t see his friends. He just sees his girlfriend, so he has isolated her too. Life is so short and it seems to me these creatures are intent on making all around them as miserable as they are.
      Happy Easter.

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      Hey NW, if he is driving when his medical advice is not to then he is breeching the law, does he have insurance? Because if he does, by not disclosing this it is fraud. Are you concerned he shouldn’t be driving and he’s driving he kids around? Can you ask them if they have been in the car with dad driving since? Can you get any photographic evidence? Can you call DVLA and say you are concerned? Has he informed them about his recent medical advice?

      If the children are scared of him why cant they stay with you? If they were to be interviewed by childrens services is this not what they say? I would be inclined to ask them what they want, how would they like things to be and to give this to them and do what is needed to make this happen; even if this means breeching a current order and going back to court.

      I do believe in karma, but more so that a person cant carry on being feckless, disrespectful, lawless and not come unstuck and in trouble at some point.

      Hope you’re journaling everything that happens NWs.

      Your mum sounds like an agent for him and not to be trusted. FL.x

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