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    I think my one parent has been emotionally abusive to me since I was a kid. my friend thinks she sounds n********c from the little I told her. Earlier this year I decided to limit contact with my parent. I just couldn’t handle anymore. They have hurt me so much over the years. As long as everything was how they wanted it then all was ok if not then they would not be happy and would have a go at me and keep on til I backed down or led them to believe that yes they were right just to get them to leave me alone. Enough was enough though when they told me they were suicidal because of me! and they said they hoped I’d be happy when whey were gone! I messaged my sibling to tell her what they had said and to ensure they got help. My sibling lives with said parent and their response was ‘so once again I’m left to pick up the pieces. They are upset cos of you, its your fault. I know what you said to them, it was horrible. I wasn’t horrible. I wouldn’t get into and argument or agree with what they were saying about me. I don’t know what they said to my sibling for them to think this but I have a good idea from what they were saying to me. My sibling has hardly had any contact with me since this even though I have tried they have not responded to me. When i saw my sibling (they stayed with me for short time) it was very obvious that they had no interest in speaking to me unless they had to and made no effort to make conversation or engage in conversation except to my child. My sibling was rude and showed no respect to me or my life. They weren’t friendly to me. They played and spoke to my child which my chid enjooyed but my child is bright and would have picked up on my siblings attitude towards me. The worse was when my sibling and I were walking back from somewhere, I tried again to make conversation and but they just walked on ahead of me, gave short answers, gave a mumble or didnt even answer! Didnt look at me or walk along side me. Both my parent and my sibling want to see my child yet treat me badly. My child enjoys times with them but doesn’t see them much due to where they live and doesn’t like to talk much on phone which they don’t like as they want to speak to my child. They have a go at me in a message about that and other things still.

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    Hi blueskies, how are you doing. Im at a loss as to how i can advise you. Think it’s best just to let you know that we’re here to listen to you, let you get out how you feel, out there.
    With regards your sibling, have you been the one to take the brunt of the parents abusive behaviour and now they’re getting more of it, hence why they’re behaving to you the way they are. Families are messed up at the best of times, abusive ones are even more so.
    The nice thing im reading is they’re not being horrible to your child, just you. It must be very noticeable though, therefore hurtful, if your child is noticing it.
    Is it possible not to see them at all?
    Keep posting, hopefully it will bring you peace and helpful advice along the way.
    IWMB 💕💕

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