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      Im very low after having a chest flu which has turned to brochitis. He has reduced me tears and frustration with his belittling of my opinions and telling me what my feelings are, telling me in I live in fairy land. ME !
      He had been doing me some food whilst ill and nicer but changed again, so I am struggling to do the necessary things for myself and he is trying to get control over me so have it be dependant on him for what I need.
      He just said can I make you some soup, I refused it and so then in the next breath said your’e not the only one who is ill you know, they contradict themselves in a second.
      He is trying to weedle round me as he knows im struggling, I was stronger until i got this virus after already just having a sickness bug, it seems I rise back up to get knocked down again.
      I have had years and years of being belittled talked down , told other people would say what he is saying to me as well.
      Do other of yo have experience of them knowing it all, demeaning your opinions and thoughts on everyting
      i,m having dreams of hearing his belittling voice and I find myself waking up suddenly and shouting out at him ,last night I actually kicked out with my leg, so my unconcious mind is battling this.
      We have had seperate rooms for ages now, so he is not aware. Last yar when we have a period of things being better and I really hoped he was going to change , I was still getting these repeated dreams of him being horribl to em, I wonder if my subconcious was telling me the truth.
      He called respect and was supposidley seeing about a perpertrator course, on sunday when we had strong words, he said Im going to see what thy say about you , he is not wanting to look at himself , he thinks he can get them to see it al from his warped way of thinking.
      sorry needed to rant, have no energy to thump a pillow as I often do due to being breathless with bronchitis, just need to tell it to those who know how these mens minds work.

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      HI hun

      maybe your brain is trying to tell u something. towards end my gut feeling told me loads but i ignoored and didnt understand, they dont change, try and not rely on him if possible, agfain they just think we shoukld be greatful for them . hope u feel better soon

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      Thankyou Confused 123 x

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      Aww, I hope you get better soon. My ex abuser did that. He made me feel so small and irrelevant because he was always right.
      I also had dreams about him. I dreamed quite early in the relationship when I had not even seen signs yet. Unfortunately I did not take my dreams seriously. I saw the truth in my dreams whilst my rational brain was in denial.

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      Thankyou Ayanna, that really makes sense saying that you saw the truth in your dreams whilst your rational brain was in denial.

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Godschild

      Hugs xx and get better soon xx

      Mine was always belittling, won’t drink up drinks, then he started cooking and then did it all because he was better than me at it, in reality what be was cooking me was making me ill, then I couldn’t clean properly so he did that.

      What he was doing was making me disappear.

      Stay strong and no way are you with fairies.

      FS xx

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      Thankyou Falling skys x

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