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     Twisted Sister 

    ..faster becoming ‘mens’

    Conflict of interest anyone?

    So despite pronouncements of financial commitment to safe spaces for abused women and children to escape to, refuges are closing.

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    Unfortunately its all part of the bigger picture. The pleasant mix of the government pulling back funding and men saying they are women to get into our safe spaces. God forbid you disagree or you will be asked to leave.

    Refuges and women’s services being told all of their funding will be taken if they don’t include men.

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     Twisted Sister 

    Including men in refuge!

    I thought refuge and womens workers had sex specific work rules for the protection of women against male violence,under the sex equalities act.

    I also thought that the sex equalities act prevented men from accessing sex defined spaces for women?

    This is flagrant breaking of govt legislation by any and all involved blackmailing by funders

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    No, if a man says he is a woman he is.

    See the discussion held recently by a select committee including one organisation represented by a transwoman, who said ladies were fine with them being in the refuge.

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     Twisted Sister 

    Well im not! Prrhaps they sgiukd ask all the women terrified of men.

    I’ve heard of men getting into womens prisons f o Womens wards and then raping them.

    How dare they give away womens spaces to men.

    There are a tiny minority of truly dysphoric
    people and they risk harm from other men too, but they need their spaces. I can’t imsgine any oneof us being arrogant enough to tell me what men are ok with! Especially not abused men. Its not for women to take up the slack.

    We need our refuge, how dare they presume to speak for terrified women.

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     Twisted Sister 

    That was supposed to say, tell ‘men’ what men are ok with
    Have womens services stopped listening to women, but listening to men instead?

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     Twisted Sister 

    I guess women had better just shut up!

    I truly believe that decent men would not force themselves into sapces where women are scared of men.

    Abusive men, however, are good at telling wome whats good for them (regardless of womens fear, and what about the children, i guess they knowbest for them too).

    Where can women come together safely to get away from mens voices and threat of violence.

    The one sacred place has gone, im heart broken. Wome ignored, yes, were going backwards.

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    Welsh women’s aid have said they welcome transwomen. English women’s aid have said they will deal with it on a ‘case by case basis’. Case by case is what is happening in the prisons, and that’s working really well.

    I wish I had enough money to start my own movement to help women. The Freedom programme seems to be the only thing that doesn’t centre men as it is not at all reliant on government funding.

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     Twisted Sister 

    Why cant women just have space for women any more!!??

    This goes against EA. What’s the point in legislation if its just walked all over.

    Yes, freedom programme wont be bullied it seems.

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    Apparently gender identity is more important than all of the protected characteristics, despite not being a protected characteristic.

    I sent my MP an email expressing my concerns about men identifying into women’s spaces, especially refuges. He sent me a long letter saying it was great.

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    Oh my goodness I totally agree with you, this is the topic no one is allowed to talk about! Thank you for writing this. When I found out about this movement especially about the ‘cotton ceiling’ and how they are giving puberty blockers to children I had panic attacks and couldn’t sleep for nights, it has been making me so anxious because none of it makes any sense.

    There are many old school transexuals who know they are male but feel better living as women in terms of clothes and names but agree that women need their own spaces etc and I’m thankful that they are now also speaking up despite getting threatened and called names. But if we speak up we get called all sorts of names and threatened with violence, the women that have spoken up so far are brave and I am so thankful to them.

    I’m thankful to see a growing movement standing up for women’s rights. The more of us that speak up the harder we are to ignore.

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     Twisted Sister 

    Its so sad to see lesbians now campaigning to get ‘the L out of LGBTQ+’ because of threats by men who call them transphobic for refusing yo hae sex with a penis.

    The expectation is of entitled rape and if you refuse then you will be reported for hate speec and transphobia! Only an abusive man could havenex under those circumstances.

    The cotton ceiling is indeed a very disturbing and upsetting development (sorry further decline into depravity against women).

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    I was totally unaware of this whole thing until I stumbled across a group of lesbians in an online forum who said they’d been kicked out of the LGBT groups for saying they were same sex attracted. I was astonished because everyone knows that’s what a lesbian is, so I started reading and the more I read the more shocked I became.

    The leftwing media is really pushing it as a human rights issue and is totally silent on the threats women are being issued with online and now they are successfully getting people sacked for not agreeing with it all. Political parties, public bodies and the press have started using words like womxn and non men, bleeder, breeders, cervix havers etc because apparently now our own words describing us are offensive. It feels very Handmaid’s tale to me and I’ve been very concerned for the future.

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     Twisted Sister 

    Sorry I missed your reply Sunshine rainforest.

    I think it’s really worrying that women who speak out are losing their jobs, and lesbian’s are facing intimidation and oppression in this way.

    Losing freedom of speech, and so much other sliding back

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     Twisted Sister 


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    It might be just because details are hidden online to protect women, but I hardly see any local support groups (zero actually!) For women experiencing abuse, yet the amount of addiction support groups such as AA and NA ..meetings locally every single day & events almost weekly.

    For group support for families of those addicts it’s only once a month…. We suffer just as much but support feels lacking …

    I am going to contact my local WA today and ask where groups are, I guarantee its not going to be anywhere near as much support available as that support for more male dominated groups

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    I was in a “hotel” wont mention the name but this was not a hotel it was more like a communal refuge and there was a man there, he was totally out of it and loony, he messed faeces in the toilet and on the toilet paper and on the door of the communal toilet….there was also a communal shower and he came walking out with just a towel around him as in the shower was no place to put your pj’s or anything else, so if I was to come out the shower I would have had to have a towel around me…is there no dignity for woman? I am a (removed by moderator) year old woman and I come from a good background so this is horrific for me. The heating was also only out on from 4pm

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