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    I wanted to ask if I can report incident of domestic violence to the police, but ask them not to press charges or take any action?

    I have pictures as evidence of the assault by my partner that is less than 6 month old.
    I was told by someone that I need to report within 6 months. What happens if it is more than 6 months old?

    Also, the pictures are of my hands with injury mark but since I took them, it doesnt have my face. Are they acceptable?


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    Please ring 101 and speak to a domestic abuse police officer. You can do this anonymously. You can make a statement but there is no guarantee they will not act upon it. They have to put your safety first and if they have enough evidence they may well interview him, I have been where you are now. Ask yourself why you don’t want them to act. Abuse always gets worse and he won’t change. Have you spoken to your local women’s aid? Have you thought of using Clair’s Law to see if he has previous convictions? Abusers thrive on silence. Please break that silence. Speak to your GP and have your injuries recorded. One day that may be useful for a non molestation order.

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    Thank you.

    The GP is aware and have recorded injuries. I understand everything you have said, but just wanted to understand regarding pressing charges and if my say counts?
    I dont want the police to interview him for now, I just want them to record the statements and put the evidence I have on record – for various reasons for the moment.

    Also, can someone please advise regarding the 6 months ?

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    You can indeed report the assault to the police and tell them you don’t want to press charges. I did this and it actually proved very effective.

    You see, the police won’t let you do it twice. If they are called out a second time, or you report again, they will usually proceed with charges whether you want them to or not.

    That’s fair, because some women – possibly many women – refuse to press charges out of sheer fear of the perpetrator’s response.

    If he knows the previous assault is on record and there’s no second chance, it might calm him right down. Mine hasn’t laid a finger on me since hearing me on the phone to the police. I don’t believe he ever will.

    If you do report, ask for an incident report number and note it down along with the date. That’s your evidence so he can never claim anything he does is a one-off thing.

    Flower x

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    Thank you flower.

    Precisely what I wanted to do for now and weigh my options in future if it ever happens again.

    It is just that when I spoke to helpline they advised that since the incident and the injury is less than 6 months old, the police will always take action irrespective of what I say. I am not sure about this.

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    Definitely take advice. I know of someone who didn’t want to press charges but it was taken out of her hands. Even though she withdrew her statements the police still went forward and prosecuted. If it’s serious enough they would be in big trouble if she was killed or badly hurt.

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    You could report anonymously via a third party. Ask about that. Rape Crisis do it. Maybe victim support too. So you give them your statement and they pass it on anonymously to the police. So they know he is violent. It might be enough that you have reported it to your GP and have your injuries noted as they can use these records for evidence if needed. It’s not just a police statement that counts. Although if you fear retribution I would definitely let them know.

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    With the new psychological abuse act you now have up to 2 years to report instead of 6 months, jyst read a bit online the now. Was due to many women being too afraid to come forward within the 6 month time line.🙂
    Hope this helps some of you.xx
    IWMB 💕💕

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    Thank you all. Appreciate all help

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