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      I posted on here the other day about how I had stupidly allowed my husband to see his daughter at home without supervision and he had abused this by being verbally threatening to me. I decided a safer option would be to visit the local indoor play area (one way in and out – public space). So the first visit he gave me verbal and parked his van right next to me, made him leave first. The second visit he hid with my daughter and made her keep quiet so I couldn’t find her. I went cold thought he had taken her which he said is what he wanted me to think. Again he parked right next to me and refused to leave. I called the police and he seemed to drive off, got halfway across the car park and realised he had just driven to where I couldn’t see him, he came tearing across the car park and had my car door open before I could lock it. Luckily the police were on their way so he drove off. As an extra treat he is got into my house today through the kitchen window and has done sneaky things like picking post up and leaving the toilet seat up. I am terrified, how do I get a restraining order in place? He is messing with our heads and my daughter is really being affected badly.

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      Hi sorry he is being more abusive though conctact, do you have a solicitor? If not i would call the national centre for domestic violence telephone number
      Phone: 0800 970 2070
      Option 1: Information about getting an injunction
      Police and Agency Workers: Make a referral
      Deaf and hard of hearing. NCDV offers a minicom service.
      Dial: 0800 970 2070
      the website also has useful information.

      Another helpful organisation is rights of women,
      We can advise you on:
      domestic violence and abuse
      divorce, finances and property on relationship breakdown
      cohabitation, finances and property on relationship breakdown
      parental responsibility and arrangements for children
      lesbian parenting
      For women in England and Wales
      Call 020 7251 6577
      Tuesday 7pm – 9pm, Wednesday 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 7pm – 9pm, Friday 12pm – 2pm

      Both organisations are fantastic with the legal stuff especially in dv cases, hope this helps 🙂

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      Hi Marbles,

      I am sorry that you are having such a stressful time. PlainJane has given you some great advice, both organisations can help you and please also get in touch with your local Women’s Aid group. You can click the ‘Find help locally’ section on the forum. Please also think about phoning the Police and giving them the full history of his behaviour and how he is using child contact to abuse you. I can not remember if you have an order in place that states he has to have contact but if not then perhaps get advice about how to stop contact or push for contact in a child contact centre where you are not involved. He sounds very dangerous and intimidating and so the police would also be able to advise you on safety at home, locks on windows, panic buttons, door bolts etc. You could also think about going to refuge?

      Please stay safe, he sounds like a very erratic and dangerous man. We are all here for you.

      Best wishes,


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      Hi HUn

      HIs timidating u, get non mol issued against him and that will be a way to maybe end the child contact, these men really do need constant visits from police till they get message, protect yourself and be on guard, when i left ex i only left very high windows open so he couldnt get through, he still got in, when picking the children up he stole the key, they r unbelievable, stay strong and post on here as much as u need, form r free to download and u can submit in court yourself

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      Thank you all, seeing a solicitor next week. Have had a text which I have ignored and will continue to ignore his attempts to get in touch until I know where I stand.x

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      Good on u Hun, while u feeling strong see if u can block him on your phone that way u won’t know when he calls, so proud of u for being strong. I know u can do this x*x

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