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    Hi, this is my first post here, but I have been reading others’ posts for some months. Is there anyone here who was living abroad and managed to return to the UK? I am a British national married to a narcissitic foreigner and living in “his” country for a fair number of years. I have no family here, as I moved here alone but I have family back home. I would only wish to ask my family to help out as a last option. Does anyone have any experience of this or can offer some advice please? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Tweedy, I’ve got no experience or advice to I’m afraid. Have you considered going to a British consulate in that country and seeing where you stand? Do you have kids that were born over there etc? Xx

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    I was advised if you have children together get back to the Uk before you split up. Most countries have very stringent child protection laws and you wouldn’t be able to get home, if that’s where you want to ultimately be. A friend of mine in an English speaking country is having a terrible getting back and it’s horrendous domestic abuse. She’s not allowed to leave permanently with her kids to come to the UK. Is it possible for you to leave for the Uk first? Xx

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     Wants To Help 

    Hi Tweedy,

    Unless you can obtain a Relocation Order in the country you are in to allow you to return to the UK with your child legally you will not be able to return unless you all come as a family. The Hague Convention of International Parental Child Abduction prevents one parent from unilaterally making the decision to remove a child from its country of ‘habitual residence’. If you were to bring your child here without his consent he can contact the Central Authority in his country and commence international parental child abduction proceedings and get his legal costs all covered as he is the ‘left behind parent’. You would be classed as the ‘abducting parent’ and your child would be ordered back to the country from which they were taken.

    If you are suffering DA in that country and want to return then take a look at the website for a charity called, they are on FB too. They support women in these situations and have lots of advice and support networks around the world for women who are ‘stuck’ in foreign countries with no family or support network and can’t come home because they won’t come without their children.

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    Thanks for all your replies.
    Yes, I do have a child from this marriage that was born in this country, but now an adult who has left home. The advice I was looking for was more on the practical aspects of returning to the UK. Where could I live? If I would be entitled to any benefits? What would happen to my pension, as I am now fast approaching retirement age? How easy or difficult is long distance divorce? Is divorce possible from the UK when I have married in another country?
    So many daunting questions, I don’t know where to start. I will need to leave with just a suitcase, leaving behind so much.

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    Hi @tweedy
    I’m so sorry to hear what your going through. I’m assuming you was born in the UK? Then moved to another country? I think it all depends on citizenship? It may be that you have a dual passport so one for the UK and that country? With regards to where you got married, I married abroad but I’m a British citizen so can divorce here, I think it all comes down to where your citizenship is? If you have dual passport I think yes you could divorce here. I may be wrong dont trust me on that i think you will need to ask for advice maybe your local embassy or consulate? They are usually very helpful with matters like this. I ucontacted the consulate before with a matter and they were very helpful , if your British then contact the consulate of that country they will have emails or contact number and that is what they are there for to help you.
    It may also be wise to seek advice from a solicitor from the UK? Who will know more about the law regarding this.


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