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      its a rollar coaster ride and a horror ride the love bombing has us feeling great yet we know deep down its not real as we know the jeckle and hyde character he is we know his cruel manipultive side will show its self again and again he trys to cover his abuse with playing the victim the hard done too and also saying oh its just a joke and this happens repeatedly and i say to myself just keep him sweet whilst you plan your escape whilst you get your head together and grow more confident ,yet with all the turmoil going on with covid and the devasating impact this is having on every one its hard to muster any strength to fight him and even if i challenge him confront him it only makes it worse as he denies and blames and puts more guilt trips on me and is more cruel and vindictive in so many ways all mind games emotional traumatising to me yet im trying to rise above it all and get out bit by bit yet it seems the longer we are trapped by abuse the harder it is to leave

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      It’s never going to be easy to leave doing it alone. Build a support network around you. Knowing that it’s there to support you when you leave makes it easier.

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        Sounds exactly what im dealing with.

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        thanks for all replys ladies x*x
        it helps me feel less alone less isolated and will plan out support around me to help me grown strong enough to leave,its lonely and isolating enough with being abused and now with the covid pandemic the abusers use this to abuse us isolate us even more im understanding how he guilt trips me punishes me blames me never takes responsibility for his own actions is not my fault its abuse.

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      I am feeling exactly the same as what you’ve described right now xx

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