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      I’m wide awake and feel like I’ve been hit by a train.
      This was the first time he touched me!! And the last!!!
      I feel lucky to be alive and I’m so grateful for my neighbours rescuing me.
      He kept telling me he was going to kill me and I never doubted that for one second.
      My face is a mess, my neck is covered in bruises, it hurts to swallow and breathe but I am still here!!!
      I knew I would only get one chance to escape him…..
      He’s being charged with (detail removed by Moderator)!!
      I’m going to have to miss work as I’m such a mess.
      I don’t actually know what to think at the moment!!!

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      Rosie, so so sorry to hear this, has this just happened tonight. Has he been taken away are you safe now.
      do you have support to help you through this, I feel so so sad for you, thank God your neighboours helped you, are your children ok.
      I know you have been through abuse before and come through it, it will take time to recover again, sending you a bug hug xxxxxx

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      He’s in custody and they’re hoping he won’t be bailed.
      Luckily my children weren’t there, I don’t think it would have happened it they were.
      I will get through this… I have to.
      I thought I was going to die!!! There’s where I need to come back from

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      Good for you, get out now Rosie while you have the will & determination, I saw many red flags two years before the split, I wish I had paid attention to them.

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      Glad he is in custody, and really hope he wont be bailed, it would be dangerous to you if he were, you would need real protection. Good the children wernt there but they are going to see how badly hurt you are.
      Do you have any support, you will need help withe trauma of what has been done to you,
      take care and keep posting we are here for you xxxxx

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      Oh hun! I am so very sorry that this happened to you! And glad at the same time that you are still here!
      You need to go to the A&E and get an assessment of your injuries for the court! Do this asap!
      On Monday ring the NCDV to help you with a non molestation order and occupation order, so that he cannot come close to you for a year.
      That shock will stay with you for a while.
      Make a list what you need to do on Monday, go to the A&E and try to pamper yourself for the rest of the weekend.
      Keep posting here.
      You have been through hell and you got out. Write what you feel, it will help you come to terms with this better. X*X

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      I have a great support network.
      Been to a and e, X-rated my cheekbone and jaw and all okay. So just soft tissue damage to my face, neck and arms. My ribs they’re not too sure on but told be to rest.
      Already had people in touch about a non mol, MARAC being done in the week… Not too sure how that’s going to impact on the children as well.
      I keep crying, I didn’t think I would see my children again…

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      Oh great, that everything is put in place.
      Can you get a referral to victim support? They can see you for a while. And then get counseling through a GP referral.

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      Hi Rosie,

      I am so sorry about what has happened to you. I just wanted to send you hugs as i cannot think of anything useful to say. Hold on in there xx

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      I’m a mess. I have so much to come to terms with and I don’t know where to start

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