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      Hello beautiful, resilient women!

      I wanted to share a positive post – I usually only reach out on here when I’m struggling or to share advice with other women but today I thought I’d share a positive post to hopefully give hope to others.

      Last month I started no contact again, I changed my email address finally and now my abusive ex has no way to contact me – and my strength and resilience has returned which I couldn’t imagine a few months ago.

      I’ve really been sitting and feeling each emotion, which has been painful and hard but also enabled me to release some trauma I was holding (and the help of homeopathy to allow these to move through in a healthy way). Today I woke up and felt a little more optimistic than I usually do, I’m taking each day again but when I look back, each day has become months and I’m feeling so much better.

      Please hang in there, I can relate to how dark and overwhelming healing from abuse is and sometimes I feel intense suicidal thoughts like there isn’t a way forward or a light at the end of the tunnel but there is. There are happier days and less dark days, it really is like surfacing the waves – riding each other out, even if it feels like you’re drowning you’ll make the next wave and be above the water once again. It isn’t easy but you can do. I can do it. We can all do it together. You aren’t alone, none of us are – we have each other.

      If anyone needs to chat, about no contact, yoga, homeopathy please reach out – I’m in an okay place at the moment to offer some support or just a listening ear. Keep remember love is not abuse – abusing you is not loving you. You are worthy of a healthy relationship, and deserving one.

      Sending SO much love xxxxxx

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      I love this massive well done to you makes me think maybe just maybe i will one day do it too. Thank you for sharing 💜💜

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      I find no contact so hard to maintain. I can’t get past a day or so! Well done you!

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      Wants To Help

      Hi hbfb,

      So glad you are feeling better and in a very positive mind set today.

      One day at a time is how we do this. Before we know it one day at a time becomes a week, and then a fortnight, then a month. As time goes on our emotions change and we reflect differently. You are proof of this 🙂

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      Thanks a lot for this positive post. Id be really interested to learn about how yoga and homeopathy has helped. Can you recommend how to start the yoga? I get overwhelmed every time I look into it, and its so hard at the moment to find anything in person, all seems to be online. Is online ok for yoga? xx

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      Hey Cocktails3,

      It is f*cking hard. The most painful and hard thing out of it all. It’s like drug withdrawal that’s why it’s so hard. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about him, I still do a lot but as each day goes past that grip he has lessens a little, even if I get 15 minutes without him on my mind it’s a better day. Eventually it’ll be a whole day without thinking of him. Then a week. Then a month than a year.

      I’ve broken no contact so many times since leaving in (detail removed by moderator) – realising it’s 2022 gave me a push. I thought I spent so long in the relationship (detail removed by moderator) trying to leave, I don’t want him to have any more of my time. I want 2022 to be a year without him, without him having access to manipulate me. I want to be free and no contact is the only way.

      You’re amazing and you can do this, one day is still a success. Keep thinking of what you need a deserve – change your number, your email, move away, do whatever you can. YOU CAN DO THIS, it doesn’t matter how many times it takes you, you can, I’m here xxxxxxx

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      You’re so welcome. We need to celebrate the positive moments right?! Xxxx

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        Changed times

        Sorry pressed the wrong reply button! Thank you for the reminder to celebrate small steps !

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        Oh yes in a world where some days we cant see a light at all it helps to hear feel and celebrate others good days positive days keeps us all upright. Xxxxxxx

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      Changed times

      Hi thanks for sharing some positivity and some hope with us I’m trying to be positive right now memories are coming back horrible memories and I’m trying not to blame myself I’m safe and free now but praying the memories fade I know they will in time I’m going to try & post here more often even to say thank you & give encouragement well done everyone

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        Changed times

        Defo need to celebrate small wins thank you for reminding me!

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      Hi iliketea!

      I follow Yoga with Adrienne – she has a calendar on her website and all her videos are free on Youtube. She does a range of basic, to intermediate – I try to do it everyday or at least five no matter how much I’m suffering. It’s the one thing I try to do even if I struggle to eat or wash that day.

      She is trauma informed and has videos specifically for suffering, anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, healing etc. I find following her calendar gives me the best sense of routine and a good range of variety.

      I do go to in-person yoga classes when I can but I haven’t this month because of COVID cases increase.

      (detail removed by moderator)

      In terms of homeopathy, I get it through my local domestic abuse charity RISE who offer it at a discounted price – homepath really focus on how emotions / different mental states and physical impact the body and give you medicine (sugar cubes essentially with tiny parts of plants and trees depending on your needs) and it just helps things to move through your body. It sounds super hippy like that but it isn’t, its jsut alternative medicine. Look it it.

      I hope this helps you! x*x

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      Your post is so positive and has given me hope. Thank you for sharing x

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      What a lovely post. Thanks you for sharing. Feeling your feelings…. that is no easy thing to do, well done you! I realise I’ve been avoiding my feelings my whole life, even before I met my ex. I’m also working on feeling them so it’s great to hear how healing it has been for you. xxxx

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