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    I’m sat wondering if I should make up a fake profile on social media and message my current partners ex and ask her a few things as he claims she abused him which I highly doubt?

    Would it be too risky ? Am I just playing with fire??

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    It doesn’t seem sensible or necessary. You know he is being abusive to you. That’s all you need to know. Honestly I suspect he was lying about the abuse, but she isn’t going to tell you if he wasn’t. Cyber stalking isn’t going to tell you that he abused her either. I honestly can’t see any way that this could end well. Save your strength for the important stuff, namely getting yourself out again and keeping you and your kids safe.

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    Although it may feel tempting, it probably isn’t a good idea. As Tiffany said, you need to put yourself first. If he was abusing her, it’s not going to help you to know and hopefully she will report it in her own time. Hopefully other people will come forward. Focus on yourself!

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    Thanks for the replies, I think I was just having a moment of weakness and questioning my mind wondering if I’ve just imagined everything 🙁

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    Hi I’ve been thinking the exact same thoughts. I too know the answer, he did! It’s getting clarification that we’re not imagining it, that she would corroborate it. She’s corroborated it by wanting supervised access when their kids were younger, by telling people he hit her. I don’t abuse him, he isn’t afraid of me(even though he says he is). Funny thing is, she’s my height, was my weight, very similar in fact. Stood up for herself like i do, yet we’re the crazy ones. He’s called her all sorts of horrible names, just like he does me and every other female, he’s accused her of being a working girl, as he did his own mother and no doubt he’ll accuse me of it when i eventually leave to. He’s consistent I’m give him that🤣🤣
    IWMB 💕💕

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    I think deep down we all know the answer he’s turning it round on her. Id imagine if he’s abusive towards you he will have been the same with her. The police might hold information, which would go on your favour as evidence if this went to court xx

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