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      So I decided to report posts! After getting through to them that I know technically he hasn’t breached they went for a harassment warning! Comical worked so well I knew they had spoken to him before they told me!! They say they can’t go for theft of my (detail removed by Moderator) as they’d have to prove he had them he openly told them he had them then continued to claim they are being made public!!. Told me I should have reported some behaviours before i left him do they not know how hard that is??!!!!

      What annoys me the most when they called back they have the nurves to tell me it was a hard conversation. He was animated telling them how the ‘false aligations’ we’re making him ill!! These would be the ‘false alligations’ he either (detail removed by Moderator)! I am so annoyed am I suppossed to feel sorry for him.

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      You have every right to be angry and upset. Once the anger and distress subside enough, ring the Domestic Abuse Unit at your police. I had terrible trouble with most police that were not from the domestic abuse unit. If you are still not satisfied then ask for a senior officer. It’s sad to say but the ones that shout the loudest get the most attention. So shout loudly even if it’s your local MP. Domestic Abuse is high profile just now so don’t underestimate your voice as a survivor. One officer told me his family were going through a really stressful time! He was in the wrong in the first place. And no, I don’t think they have training or at least enough training!! One officer didn’t even understand the law and told me to be careful about wasting police time. Don’t give up. Ring Rights for Women. They are fantastic and can give you free legal advice. Hang in there x

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      Hi INOSP, My experience of the Police over the years has been appaling, I have made complaints about them, once to the Senior lady in charge of Dv,she said they will be re trained but nothing improved, most Ive had to do with have not got a clue about DV. (detail removed by Moderator)

      I even had a Lady officer threaten to take me away and lock me up !!!!! ,I made an official complaint about her but she lied and got away with it.

      Go to the highest officers and those who know about DV officers persist in your complaints,its well time the police got it ,over DV.

      I even had one officer come in, my husband had thrown a pan of water off the cooker with vegetables in,he came in looked in the oven and said well atleast you have still got chicken and potatoes in the oven, said it was a domestic and left !!!!!

      Another said, oh my dad gets fed up sometimes in his marriage so goes off to the pub !!!!!

      take care, the more complaints the more they have to address it x*x

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