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      We only have one life, grab it by the bulls and live the best life that you can. Poor Caroline Ahearn has died aged 52. Get rid of your nasty abuser and your miserable life and doubts. XXXXX

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      Yes, that made me sad too. Way too early to leave this planet.

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      Yes it is, it gave me another perspective, to live our lives doubt ridden, fearful, confused, miserable and battered is just plain wrong!!!! Its not easy by any means but I think women owe it to themselves to break away if they can. I would like to have lots of happy times and moments before I die. X

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      Yep. Life is too short to suffer all the time.
      My last problem is the abuse at work. I doubt this will ever stop, no matter how often I change the workplace.
      It comes with the profession.
      I think of studying again and learning something different.
      Men cannot abuse me anymore because I do not want them in my life. 🙂

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      My confidence has increased tenfold due to my experience of abuse & the help and advice I have got from this forum. I feel much more hope and ability than I ever have. I’m currently completing a new job application and am going to try really hard, I know that I am capable but I’ve had all the confidence knocked out of me up until now.

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      All the best with your application!
      I have little hope that there are abuse free workplaces.
      The best way to work is to be self employed, without any boss 🙂

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      I agree with you, my preference has always been to work on my own. It is so noisy and most of my colleagues really get on my nerves, i would be much happier working alone but sadly I cant at the moment.

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      Life is short healthyarchive you’re right! We shouldn’t be miserable! X*x

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      Nope, Caroline Ahearn died in the prime of her life. It makes me think of all the moments where we feel negative, its such a waste of your moments on this earth. When I was with my ex I felt controlled, scared, anxious, insecure and suspicious all of the time. That must have been a good few months when I felt bad like that. I have more happy times since we split and that is what life is all about. X

Viewing 8 reply threads
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