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      Because my parnter had been raiseing his voice geting angry at me and my children my Advocator said that she might have to get social services involved she not sure yet but she nows(detail removed by moderator) I am going to a safe place with my children she said to me because I am going (detail removed by moderator) then her manger might say that it’s okay not for social services to come out . I only now abit about social services are they there to protect me and my children? And what would they do if they come out before I was to leave ? What would they do . My Advocate nows that the only safe option is to leave but because his been abuse to my children then she has to tell her manger. I feel so scared what is going to happen I just want to put my mind at rest . I dont think I need to worry because me and my children will get surport. I was told before that social services could remove my partner but that would be more stressful for my children to see I hope I my Advocate manger accept that I will leave (detail removed by moderator) because she said if things get worse in the mean while just to call the police.

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      My children got removed but they would not have done if I had realised I was suffering mental and emotional abuse.
      Social services are there to help you and your children. They want to make sure the children are safe.
      It’s looking positive for my children coming home to me it’s just a matter of when
      I have been told by my support worker that children tend to get removed if mum does not admit to the abuse and tries to hide it. Please don’t be afraid to get help from them if needed.
      Stay strong you have got this xx

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      Social services need to see that you’re protecting your children. By staying in a dangerous relationship that is harming the children then may have to step in to help you get safe. We minimise abuse and we don’t realise how dangerous and damaging it is. We are brainwashed by our abuser. Be assured that they have your and your kids best interests at heart which is more than your husband does x just make them aware that you are putting the children’s welfare first x

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      Hello pinkypanther

      I told my Advocate that my children was geting abuse of there dad I spoke out first and told her what was happening at home . She has no email me yet I hope that is a positive thing unless she will email me a other day . If they ever come out I think it would be to remove him ? I want to make it a safe away for my children if social services come out it’s going to be more stressful for my children. If I just leave my house would be best when my partner not in the house which I now what days I do go out i can get away from this house with my children to a safe house . Why do people worry about social services so much for ? We had social services come once before the man was nice to me but he did not like my partner thank you for your advice I appreciate it

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        Hi Rosemary, I’m lucky that I haven’t been involved with social services so I don’t know a lot about how it works. I don’t think they have the authority to remove your partner from the home, which is why they would remove the children if they thought the children were at risk. Maybe somebody else can comment on this who knows how it works.

        It sounds like the most important thing is to keep taking steps to get you and your children away from him. xxxx

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      Thank you Kip so much for explaining to me that make sense to me because I am protecting my children this is why I told my Advocate that his being abuse to my children.

      Thank you for your help and support bless you

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      Social services have been involved in my life these last few months.They have been involved before (years ago) when I called the police after my Ex assaulted me.Back then, they just rung me up to have a chat but closed the case quickly.Basically every time the police gets called, ss get notified as well as my children’s school.My Ex moved out (after a final attack) a few months ago.Social services were satisfied that I left him and they were about to close the case but because my Ex started stalking me and I reported it…they escalated our case.They have to protect the children as domestic abuse is child abuse.I don’t find my social worker that helpful as she seems to be ticking boxes rather than having a true understanding of domestic abuse but I don’t mind working with her to keep the kids safe and I told her the truth.When I first heard from social services, I was mortified and cried a lot because there is a certain stigma attached to social services.I felt like a bad parent and was scared to lose my kids.However, they just want to make sure the children are ok and not growing up witnessing domestic abuse x

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      Hello Neueranfang

      Thank you for reaching out to me sorry what you have been thought it sounds stressful. My Advocate aask me what school my children go to do and information about my partner like his date of birth full name ect . I am scared to lose my kids but I will not because my Parther is the problem not me but still get scared thoe what’s going to happen but because they now I am leaveing soon I hope that would be okay with my Advocate manger I hope I here from her soon and tell me what has been said . It’s nice that social services will protect me and my children but like you said there are certain stigma attached to social servers. The one I had last time he was nice to me but he never liked my parther he told him off and told him what he should be doing . I hope your okay hun it is so stressful going thought Dominic abuse. Sending you love and light xxxx

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