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    Some of you will know I’ve been so scared that he’d come back despite him being far away. That was leading me to check his messages that I’d still got access to and it was making me worse. Well I’ve had official notification that he can’t come back. I should feel happy, liberated. I just feel numb and sad because it’s final. I had family here when it arrived. I read it in the bathroom and nearly cried, but I don’t know why. It wasn’t relief, just sadness. But now I feel no need to check the messages or be afraid he’ll turn up out of the blue because he can’t. Xx

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    Give it a couple of days to sink in. Once your emotions calm down your head will realise it’s the best thing that could have happened. Can’t remember if it’s you who he says owes him money? I’d think twice about giving him anything x

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    Thank you KIP. yes that’s me. I’d made a financial agreement with him and I’ve paid some but the rest will have to go over the next few months. I can’t divorce him for some time because of complications. I sat and added up what I’d spent over the years and legally I probably wouldn’t owe him anything. But I want him to be ok. His life is going to be very hard now and while I know that’s his problem I can rest easy knowing he’s pretty much set up for life and I won’t have him eating away at my conscience in future. I’m sure like you say once the news has settled in, I’ll be happy about it. Thanks as ever for your words of wisdom xx

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    Hey Hunkydory

    Don’t be hard on yourself, of course you feel sad. Regardless of the hurt and damage he caused you he was a part of your life and now that chapter has come to an end.

    It’s time to write a new one now xx

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    It’s over – which invokes feelings of loss – sadness – very natural – it’s the end of the end – it’s a time for reflection and to be with how you feel about it all – a process of letting go – adjusting – until you step into your new beginnings x

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    Thank you for your wise words again ladies. I’m thankful I’m in this position compared to some of you who have so much more to deal with. Onwards and upwards for all of us. Xx

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    youve been dealt one off the best cards 🙂 once you taste more and more freedom you wont look back xx im really happy for you – this will take time and you might have lots off emotions – were only human let them out xx you wont be looking over your shoulder ever again and that is such a blessing to be safe xx much love diymum

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    What good news honey I am very pleased for you that must be quite a relief. At least you are safe now. Well done for standing your grounds and keeping your distances from him until now. Now you are safe, you can let go and go through grieving and healing. Hurray for you 😘

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    Thanks Diymum, I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am now – safe. It really is a blessing to be able to sleep knowing he can’t get to me. HopeLifeJoy, thank you too. I’m going to concentrate on healing my brain and getting healthy again. Xx

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    So pleased at your news. Now you can focus on you. Allow yourself time for that. x

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    I will do, thanks EbonyRaven xx

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