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      I experienced mostly verbal and sometimes physical abuse from my son from when he was (detail removed by moderator). I was a single parent with no friends or anyone to ask about his behaviour. By the time l realised that he was abusive l was too scared to do anything.l was also suffering with anxiety and depression l didn’t tell them at the hospital at first l was too embarrassed. When l did tell them they just said stand up to him your his mother.
      When I went to a refuge l felt the other women judged me as a bad mother though no-one said anything. He left home and move to (detail removed by moderator) but used to come back and visit. Then in (detail removed by moderator) he moved to another country. He got married suffered abuse himself and came home. His experience did not soften his behaviour to me. He stayed (detail removed by moderator) and was abusive before going back to his partner. I had the locks changed and email ed him to say he could not come back again. I was very scared doing that l had no support from anyone after. In my opinion this is an area of abuse that is ignored even by those who support abused worn.

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      To be honest, you’re not the first Mum to come on here because you have not found the support you need. You are right, it is an area that is depressingly overlooked. It is a whole other ball game when your child is abusive and I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to have to let go of your son like that. It is an entirely different bond that we have with our children and utterly heartbreaking to have to cut those ties. My heart goes out to you.

      There are other women on here who have experienced abuse from their children; hopefully, they will be along soon to help you on your journey.

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      I am going through the same thing
      My son is (detail removed by Moderator)
      And life is unbearable in my home
      But as he is a minor I cannot get any help whatsoever
      I am at my wits end
      If he was my partner I could seek refuge but because he is (detail removed by Moderator) he has all the rights

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      My son’s only young and he’s been abusing me. Violence, psychologically….by the looks of it I’m really lucky. Someone from his school saw him hit me and he made an adult at the school cry. The whole thing got escalated and they told me I was being abused by him. It really felt like full on abuse from a little boy and it was making me deranged. A little while ago it got too much to cope with and I went to a&e. I had no idea what to do and it’s shameful to admit I told them I wanted them to take the kids away from me because I didn’t want them any more. We had a family support worker already but then they called social services for me (not the children) to help build me back up. I’m an absolute mess but this social worker is here for me so I can be string enough for the kids. As for the boy Barbados are doing a programme for his self esteem and there’s something called leapfrog for children from abusive homes that he’s waiting to start. It’s scary admitting it…..I feel like it’s me that’s made it happen because I was so scared of it happening. If your children are older I don’t know what to say. The main thing I’m doing is building myself up and the social worker is getting people I know to help me too. Sending big love x

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