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      Hey – something odd has happened even though no contact and orders – can spyware be inserted by clicking on a link? How can I find out if a link is safe? I know he used tech in the past to find us. I’m not very good at IT. Why is there not more conversation about tech in public it’s a perpetrators license to control or stalk. Thank you

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      Good morning beautiful Angel… Watersprite,
      Reading your post is really interesting.
      My ex hacked (detail removed by Moderator) email accounts of mine and set up a Facebook page about me, which took years to take down. From the email account that he hacked he sent ALL my contacts naked photos of me including my family, friends and work colleagues!!
      He also put a tracker on my car and my (detail removed by Moderator) car… and that’s the stuff I know about.
      When this was reported to the police they told me to just google how to sort this out!!
      Tech issues take up a lot of the police time that they are not willing to and / or don’t have the time to investigate.
      I’m so sorry I don’t have an answer to give you for this… do you have an IT department at work and someone their who you trust who could help you? or maybe a trusted teenager.. they are the ones who know how all this stuff works.
      In the meantime just stay safe and be aware that things can be tracked so be mindful of what you are searching and turn things like location off on your phone etc.
      And if you do get any answers please share them as like you say there is not enough information about this out there.
      Sending you continued love and support
      Darcy xx

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      Hi Watersprite,

      This link might be of use to you about covering your tracks online:

      Cover your tracks online

      And also this link- Online and Digital Abuse:

      Online and digital abuse

      Best wishes,


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      Hi Watersprite, Yes, links are often sent with unsolicited emails to insert all manner of malware. It could be spyware, a tracker, a virus, all sorts of stuff.

      They can be very difficult to locate and delete. Even if you can delete the virus from your computer it may have attached itself to your email and Google accounts.

      If you think this has happened, I’d recommend you get an expert to look at it or just get a new computer if it’s cheaper. Don’t reload any old accounts. Start afresh with everything. xx

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      Hi Watersprite

      I’m having a similar problem. Or at least I think I am, I’ve had quite a few emails that should have gone into my junk, but they didn’t and they are things that I have opened, it’s either that or my ex has out recording devices or something in my house bevause ive some conversations with people when he is miles away and he then sends me sarcastic things that have words in them with “”” either side and it’s usually about the conversation I’ve had. He even once called me as soon as I’d had a phone call from someone else saying ohh if your going to do that bla bla bla, it’s not possible to guess stuff. But it’s about £400 plus I think to get my house checked and I don’t have that sort of money to waste, but now I’m paranoid about speaking on my phone or chatting in my house. Plus I can’t act like I’m all together n doing well if he’s listening to me break down daily, it’s driving me mad. I’ve heard you can get emails that if opened can be a bug put into your phone but that was what I found on the internet. If you find out any more advice I’d be interested too. Much love 🙏🏼

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      Thank you all so much for your replies – and I’m so sorry others have experiences of this too, and Darcy a lack of support in dealing with this. I have passed things on. Helphelphelp it does sound like he is aware of things he shouldn’t be. I think eggshells is right we may just have to start fresh again – it’s exhausting and expensive tho isn’t it and my ex always always seems to find another way … put one barrier up …. he finds another route ….keep strong and thank you – so helpful to know we are not alone x

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