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      New to this but things are getting bad to the point where I actaully want to hurt him!. (removed by moderator) years I was with my perp for suffered mental and emotionally and physical absuse from him .and with the help of (removed by moderator) got a non mol and Aslo a restraing order (details removed by moderator) . Iam in the process of getting a prohibited steps order as he has twice tried to remove my children from their schools he’s allowed text communication with my eldest (details removed by moderator) However he’s constantly over my shoulder still he’s bad mouthing me to everyone in the town and turned a lot of people against me he’s very manipulating and has currently stopped my child support Money and was abusive to the CSA on the phone Iam so worried and stressed over all this and feel I will never have a peaceful life I have tried so hard to protect myself and my children but he’s wearing me down I don’t think I have got the strength for courts and caffcass and contact centres! I have considered refuge but really don’t want to uproot my children. He’s been in my solitors office more than 5 times to the point where she’s getting concerned and is going to ask him to stop if he continues when the office reopens in jan. He drives past my house I know he dies as he ring from blocked numbers and will boast he knows Iam in iam
      So worried he’s going to tip me over the edge please help

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      Hello there vodkamonster23
      Please hang in there, you are doing all the right things and he is continuing to do things all wrong and so is likely to come unstuck pretty soon.
      By continuing to breach the court orders he in effectively sticking two fingers up at the courts and showing he feel he is above the law,which he isn’t and when he is brought in front of them again, this won’t go unnoticed.
      Is he employed No answer needed but if he is the CSA can go straight to his employer for deductions from his pay, and as your solicitor is seeing first hand his behaviour, it all goes in your favour.
      You can’t control his behaviour vm23, but you can limit how it effects you, could you consider changing your telephone number so he can’t phone and unnerve you as he is.
      X x x

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      Thankyou for reply and yes he’s employed but so called self employed but works for a company so ive got to sit tight and wait for CSA to to the detachment of earnings he still left us with no mobey over xmas then left the kids xmas presants as my Soltiors office!! He don’t ringe as he knows I will report him
      He’s getting to me threw third party’s I just want to pretend he don’t exsist I suffer from PTSD caused by him and he lives a 3 min drive away I just don’t think I can carry on like this I feel it’s me or him

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      Falling Skys

      VM23, stay strong his behaviour is abonamal, he won’t be able to keep getting away with it. And though its hard he’s playing up in front of people that has sway and they will know what to do.

      Mine is not in the same league as yours (my children are adult) but he thinks he’s above the law, but he will be brought to task in the New Year.

      I know the sickening feeling when is seems they are getting away with it, but I’m hoping that he will have to accept that I have rights.

      Good luck and keep posting, you are in the right. x

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      I will keep
      You up to date and thankyou I must not react to him
      And his bullying ways but I find it really hard

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      you’re going to have to be tougher with those third parties vm23, and if they don’t respect your wishes that you don’t want to hear about him, and need to have trust that you are not reported back on, you need to limit your contact with them too, I’m afraid , until they do.
      Don’t let them undo all the hard work you have done so far
      X x x

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