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      Hi everyone,
      So I haven’t been with him since end of (detail removed by Moderator) and I barely him from him either just on occasions for kids.
      I know it’s probably for the best and I should be happy getting on with my life but I feel so empty and lonely.
      I have no good friends to talk to who wanna listen no friends to meet up with or family to talk to either. I wanna meet someone but find it practically impossible. I have a (detail removed by Moderator)yr old and no childcare so it’s not like I can go on dates.
      Lately I just feel so down and unfulfilled. I feel so alone and am scared for when my children do leave me as then I will truly be alone.
      Sometimes I think I should have tried harder in my previous relationship and it would have been OK better then being alone. In my head I know this is silly but the loneliness is lit killing me miss having a cuddle and I miss the better days we had. I miss having company that is my age.

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      Hi beautiful Angel… Tracker
      I hear what you are saying and I think with covid this has just been magnified all the more.
      We all need company and support, however you need to start to give yourself some love from the inside and not just seek it in other people.
      It’ll be a while yet before your children leave so don’t run away with your thoughts and over think things, try and live a little more in the moment.
      You are not alone and you are supported by all the ladies on this website.
      I recommend you reading or listening to Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life, this will help with your self love and self worth.
      Once you raise your vibration you will start to attract like minded people to connect with.
      Sending you continued love and support
      Darcy xx

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      Hi darcy thanks for your reply
      I think you are right. I want to enjoy being single and enjoy my life and need to improve my self worth and self esteem. I feel things would be easier with friends and family to help but I will get there and try to focus on the postivies of leaving the relationship and not the company that I miss at times.
      I will try out the book you mentioned as I really want to be at ease being single and love myself before finding someone worth it not just anyone xx

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      Hi Tracker, I just wanted to reach out and say I understand exactly how you are feeling. I have been free a few months and still feel up and down. Very isolated and lonely at times. I am currently reading the book that Darcy has recommended, and listening to podcasts etc At times it can be all consuming and its all I think about in my need to understand and make sense of the confusion. I have great friends but they do not understand and I don’t want to keep going on to them, so I feel I have pulled back from them recently. I so desperately want to feel normal, like me again and gain back what little confidence I had. I am taking it one day at a time, and making small steps. Try to do 1 thing just for you everyday. It may not seem much but it does help. Sending a hug, cause we could all do with one sometimes 🤗 (it’s what I miss most) x

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      Hi sleepy pigeon, I totally agree that others do not understand properly. I did tell some work colleagues some of my past soon after it ended but I think they assume that now your free everything is OK but it takes a long time to find yourself again and become happy in yourself.
      For me I’m trying to find out who I am away from the toxic relationship that consumed my teenage years and all my adulthood so far.
      I really want to love being single but I also crave a proper healthy relationship with someone who I can trust and will treat me how I deserve to be treated as I have only been with the one partner and feel like I have wasted so many years.
      I am going to try and distract my thoughts of loneliness and am looking into starting a degree, it will keep me busy, help me to meet new friends and its something I didn’t think I could do but you know what I can!
      Your right it is little steps, I wish you happiness and sending a hug right back at you 🤗

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