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      Im currently in therapy because of some mental health difficulties caused by my abuser and she wants me to join a support group to talk about what i went through. My abuse was physical and emotional and everytime i try to talk about it i just completely shut off. does anyone have any experience with support groups, did you find they helped? im scared as i still feel trapped by him and frequently experience flashbacks but i really struggle with feeling like my feelings are valid. everyone around me tells me it was bad but its been happening since i was really young so i always feel like its not bad enough to talk about. everyone keeps questioning what went on in my childhood because of the way i am now but last time i spoke up social services got involved and it made everything worse. Im now (detail removed by moderator) so they cant get involved but still feel like i cant talk about it
      im hoping a support group does help , i just dont feel worthy of joining.

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      Hi beautiful Angel,
      You are totally worthy of doing anything you want to do, be it joining a support group or not
      Your voice and your feelings and your experience are totally valid, however you have to work on believing this yourself… until then you will always have doubt that anyone else values you
      Try some self love techniques to start to reinforce that you matter and that you are valued … affirmations are really good for this
      As for attending a support group this is your choice … do what feels right for you
      Everyone heals in different ways so try a range of things and go with what works for you
      This is your journey and from now on going forward you only need to do what feels right for you
      Sending you continued love and support
      Darcy xx

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      Twisted Sister

      Hi Unsinkableunicorn

      Listen to yourself. The main rule of therapy, listen to yourself so you are not pushed into anything anymore, especially such deep trauma for you. Its vital that your therapy is at your pace only, not the pace of the therapist, and you don’t sound happy about doing group work. It is a big leap from starting to open up to one trusted person to go into a group of unknown persons. Would these also be single sex, so only other females present?

      If you don’t feel ready, its a good time to exert yourself in your therapy relationship and say no.

      Please know that this is your therapy, and your journey, dictated by you, only ever when you are ready.

      These things take time and forcing them is harmful. Feel safe at all times when in therapy.

      Well done for talking about it here, do keep posting. I know its not a therapy group here, but you will get non-judgemental support.

      warmest wishes


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