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      Started off well my day….but went from bad to worse. I started a new job at the end of the summer, as well as leaving my ex and moving into temporary accommodation with little time a apart. I am still relatively living in close proximity to my ex. But I work about over an hour’s drive from my temporary accommodation. My children are settled at college, schools and nursery where we live….BUT today was tough. I got stuck in traffic and it created a nightmare to pick the children up. Thankfully a friend picked up the phone just before my children would have been waiting over half an hour after the school club ended! I am always either right on time or two or three min late…but never like tonight. I guess although things turned out ok, I am starting to question travelling such a long distance, massive childcare bills and tonight for the first time I felt I had no one to help…I even phoned my ex, who told me no he would not help as he had a prior meeting booked. Ok I guess I am angry as if it were me I we would have cancelled it being and emergency. Anyway what are everyone’s thoughts on moving away? My children are reluctant to move schools, but it makes sense in so many other ways, less travelling, more money, my children can have a family member to pick them up from school, I can get back home sooner and we all get to spend quality time with each other. Your thoughts will be helpful Iix x x

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      Hi Unity. Something I learnt recently from my counsellor is sometimes we have to take decisions that are best for our children, despite what the children think. Your list:
      less travelling
      more money
      my children can have a family member to pick them up from school
      I can get back home sooner
      we all get to spend quality time with each other.
      What else could you add to this (further away from the abuser? closer to your family who support you) And what would the ‘cons’ list look like?
      I don’t know the ages of your children but generally they adjust very well to new situations – particularly when you read your list of positives 🙂
      Good luck xx

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      Hi Unity,

      I am sorry to see that you had a terrible day yesterday. You are a very strong lady and I hope that today will have been a better day for you. Please know that you can get in touch with your local Women’s Aid group for advice about planning and support. You have done so well in such a short time so please be kind to yourself. Tomorrow is always another day and a fresh slate..

      We are all here for you.

      Best wishes,


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