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    Thought I’d introduce a bit of cheese today, and say a BIG thank you, to all of you too. This site is amazing, the support is amazing. And even when it’s been pointed out I should just get on and leave and stop thinking too deeply (I’m a thinker!), its been kind advice. I might not have taken it that way at the time, sorry, it was definitely that little inner voice echoing though! But thank you, I don’t have any family and the few friends I have told have since been absent, especially in lockdown. Weirdly its only two male friends who have kept up regular contact and support, and my GP, all the women have disappeared. And one very kind woman I’ve met on a local support site who has been through it too. So thank you, thanks to all of you who read and don’t run, and who read and run but come back and who just read, because all of it is about being heard, being validated, and helps make me feel half-way human and not crazy. This will pass, this will end, life will get better. Thank you for helping me on that journey, thank you for sharing your stories, and your time, love and strength. Thank you, just thank you, so much. xx

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    💕it’s you that did all the hard work. So well done you x

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    I agree with all your sentiments Iliketea. I think its important the we give thanks where its due and these ladies deserve all the thanks I can give.

    Without the ladies on here, the kind lady I spoke to at a Women’s Aid centre near me and the other nice lady I spoke to on the phone, I would not be where I am now. I know that for certain. I also know without my counsellor, I’d still be in the same place I was the day after I left, which was a bit of a mess but a brave, courageous, strong mess.

    I think its really important to see how brave and courageous and awesome you are, whether you have left or not.

    Also in times of trouble, your true friends shine through and the bad ones do too. Keep and nurture the good and bin the bad. You don’t need anyone else bringing you down 🙂

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     Wants To Help 

    Having only joined this forum earlier this week I am so impressed with the support and advice offered. Internet forums weren’t really about when I was going through my tough times so there wasn’t much about on line that could help me.

    What really took me by surprise was the amount of strangers that I met along the way who wanted to help (who have since become valued friends), and the people who thought I could rely on I found that I really couldn’t.

    It was the strangers who picked me up and put a roof over mine and my son’s head when the services told me ‘they had no funding for my situation’ or ‘I didn’t come under their remit’ until a refuge finally gave in and took us in. Ordinary people stepped up when the services failed us.

    Too often the bureaucracy and red tape of services hinders the help we need to get out of our abusive relationships (not allowing teenage boys over a certain age in to a refuge for instance), but for ordinary people there is no bureaucracy, red tape or policies, and they will just help.

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    You’ve got fire in your belly and you are so very eager to learn, to fight and have a good peaceful life! We are a sisterhood here. It’s amazing to see women grow and break free. So we all say thank you to you since all that is such a beautiful thing and quite the gift – to us!

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