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      The last few days have been extremely tough and exhausting!! But we did it. I told my fiancé I didn’t want to be with him anymore! He tried to use so many things to keep me saying he would re home the dog, I couldn’t borrow the car to take the kids to school. He made me say to the kids that it was my decision and I was the reason was breaking up although they know better than that!! We packed up our belongings and my Mum and friend came and picked us up! It was so draining but I feel so much better being at my Mums! No more walking on eggshells!! No more living in survival mode! Waiting to see if we can get a house through the council but feeling hopeful and positive!! Thanks for all your support

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      Oh wow that’s such wonderful news. Lean on those close to you that you trust. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions but you have done the right thing. Right to the end he was controlling and such a nasty person. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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      Talk to your local women’s aid. They will be able to assist and guide you regarding housing and other needs.

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      Fantastic news Whitegoddess. We all know it’s not easy and he made it as hard as he could bit you did it anyway.

      Big hugs. This really is the first day of a whole new life for you. Enjoy the freedom and euphoria and remember the forum is always here for you.

      I’m raising a glass to you. xx

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      Well done Whitegodess. You’re out. Welcome to the rest of your life xx

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      Completely amazing! Block… no contact … it’s the only way…. Remind yourself of why you did this in those weak moments – stay strong and step into you and your kids brilliant new beginning. You’ve got this white goddess x

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      Wonderful! Well done, onwards and upwards xx

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      Thanks so much everyone!! Even though he has (detail removed by Moderator) failed marriages before me his Parents were a bit off with me! They said there are two sides to every story! (detail removed by Moderator) They would let me have the kids passports or birth certificates. I’m hoping we find a home soon! Do you think women’s aid could help to speed things up?
      I don’t have a car but Mum is going to help out. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my shadow has gone!

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      Yes definitely contact women’s aid and victim support. Gather as big a support network now that you can because he’s going to cause as much trouble as he can. Sadly I found that blood is thicker than water so be very careful around his relatives because they may well assist and enable him with authorities. Get legal advice too about you being the resident parent otherwise he can keep them and not return them.

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      Well done you!
      Huge congratulations.
      You did a very amazing and strong thing.
      You broke the cycle of abuse and now you and your children can be free of it and their future generations

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      Very well done! That’s brilliant news – you should be so proud of yourself! Agree with the other ladies – no contact, no gossip. Silence really is golden. Well done again ❤️

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      Congratulations and well done you!
      You are amazing

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      CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so proud of you and you and your family are in my prayers!
      if you need any support speak to womens aid or other dv charities they help with housing! YOU GOT THIS!

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      Thanks so much

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      Whitegoddess I love hearing these stories so much, so glad you’ve out and you’ve got support from people around you 🥳 🎉 🥂

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      Thanks so much! It’s certainly not easy!! I’ve nearly got a car for my Daughter’s and I and when we do get it I’m going to do little things that my ex wouldn’t let me do!!
      The biggest thing I’m worried about is the house! My Mum is wonderful but I don’t want to out stay our welcome and want to get the kids settled!! I just hope I can manage all the finances! We had such a wonderful home but the love had gone for me and we drove a nice car but money is not everything!! I feel our happiness is!!
      He wants to speak on the phone about maintenance and having the kids but because it’s early days I don’t want to talk on the phone! Apparently he’s been left with nothing which makes me laugh as he has a home, a (removed by moderator) and a car to drive around in.

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      Well done I just love haering these stories.
      Massive well done time to live your life heal and look after you and your kids. Sending much love and happiness xxxx

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      Thank you for updating us, have been thinking of you. It’s wonderful to hear.
      Sending you love and peace

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