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      I slept as much as I wanted without anyone guilt tripping me for sleeping too much or physically coming into the room to turn on the light and make noise to wake me up.

      I went to a new therapy group without the accusation of clinicians trying to “twist” my mind and turn me against people.

      I had enough money and time to have a nice pedicure without forced to use my credit

      cards to buy food and then rushing home to prepare dinner.

      I went to a work event without the accusation of colleagues being drunks and cheats.

      I went to an upmarket grocery store and bought exactly what I wanted wholesome healthy food (yes including chocolate. High quality dark chocolate is a superfood) without being accused of not buying “proper” food( aka junk, stodge and highfat meat) and knowing that the food won’t disappear overnight and a failure to be replaced meaning I would have do more shopping again on my credit cards.

      I’m going to have 2 or 3 glasses of Prosecco without the fear of the whole bottle being poured down the drain.

      I’m going to watch what I want on Tele without interruption and contemptuous remarks about what I’m watching.

      and most importantly I will be going to bed at a time I see fit without fearing being woken up or the covers being stolen or being groped.

      Three cheers for singledom! Hip hip hooray!

      plus it’s Friday night so I’m going to wash my hair!

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      So positive!

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      Thank you ladies. These are all little things we can all do for ourselves that doesn’t cost a lot in terms of money but just giving yourself time and energy and permission to do these things. ☺ 😊 😁

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      That just hit a note with me , I only have a few days of freedom, hopefully more , !! he is away at ‘work’. All the things you just said made me smile , I am watching absolute rubbish on tv , and can go to my bed whenever I want..without the groping or abuse or stomping. I can stretch out on the couch , update my facebook business page without fear of recrimination. Talk to a friend on the phone , have my phones volume on . Know that I am not going to be woken out of my bed with someone screaming abuse in my face … You have a lovely night and many more to come , a great outlook , its amazing what little things can do to make us feel like we should

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      Hell yes!!!

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