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    So I’m convinced I’m losing it. I don’t answer withheld nos. He’s just sent me a message saying dr trying to call me and childrens services will get involved if I don’t answer.
    Doctors say don’t use withheld no.
    Do I have to answer calls I am afraid of?

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    How would he know the doctor is trying to call you? It sounds like he is trying to cause you distress.
    My GP always calls off a withheld number. I think it’s to prevent you from being able to call back as and when you feel like it which I would have wanted to do sometimes given the way my ex used to disturb my peace of mind day in day out.
    I would call the surgery and ask if the doctor has been trying to reach you? I always do that and gives me peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than wondering who is calling you.
    You aren’t losing it. Don’t let threats make you feel this way.
    I don’t know all the details but hopefully this is a little bit helpful.
    SG x

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    My GP says they don’t withhold no. And haven’t been trying to call me. He’s already had me taken off their books once by signing me up elsewhere.

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    Do not let him send you crazy
    Because thats exactly what hes doing to control you.. Mind games!!
    Ignore him if you can

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    Change your number and don’t give it to him.

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    its a tactic of coersion – he forces you into making that call or theres a consequence- he lays it on thick because the treat of ss and involvement with you kids is huge. its emotional blackmail a head wreck- all to make you feel bad,put u into panic. so he has the upper hand, he knows this is crazymaking behaviour, he knows the effect hes having on you. Look at the grey rock method – ignore-ignore-ignore – he will get bored. consistencey with these men is key – i ended up viewing my ex like i would a very young spoiled child xx luv diy xx

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    id call ss to ask if they have any knowledge of this and if they dont ask them to document what he has said. all good evidence because you dont interfere with a childs future like that unless your are abusive (him) id also keep a journal of what hes doing. also i wouldnt tell him you called them to confirm this xx keep it up your sleeve and build evidence. Coercive control is a criminal offense now since 2015 xx in scoland, england and wales x

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