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      Mariana Zappi
      Redemption song Xfactor.

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      How are you Savingmyself? X*X

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      Hi Healthy
      I went to see the doctor and I have washed my hair lol also I have been going out for little walks not far but it’s a start.
      Most days I have been able to shower and dress even a touch of make up
      How are you doing ? Beautiful I hope you are well x*x

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      Awww that made me cry. Happy and sad tears. Happy she’s at a different place but sad for what she has to endure. This will always horror me whether it’s controlling, or violent or both every story is harrowing and every situation is different. What a brave lady to go on TV and persist with it she could have said I give up and I’m going back to Italy but she didn’t. Thank goodness for refuges they really are a life saver x*x

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      Yes Very true Positive
      And she is here all alone with no family and so brave to speak out and be so open about the DV it helps us all that have been abused or are still in abusive relationships and she Has a beautiful voice .
      There is a saying the greatest revenge is success
      Big hugs x*x

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      Amazing. She is so strong. I am not quite there yet.

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      It sounds like you are doing great Savingmyself, I am doing great too. X*X I listed today some things which make me feel happy and balanced. I have a very stressful job so I try to make my private life positive & good. I listed some very small things but those which make me feel balanced & on top of things: watering my garden, eating lofts of fruit & vegetables, being organised in the morning . It might help you to think about what things make you feel balanced & happy. X*X

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      She is so brave and a real inspiration.

      What touches me is how grateful she is- grateful to be out, to have a voice, to be able to sing everyday…

      When you are out of an abusive prison, having gratitude for small things is what lifts your spirit. The things your abuser denied you or tried to destroy.

      The greatest tragedy is when victims of abuse listen to their abuser’s lies that they are rubbish, believe it, and never live joyfully expressing their individual beauty and talent.

      We are amazing and beautiful. We just have to believe it. We need to tell ourselves every day that our abusers spouted lies.

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      I have just looked at this video, I have also seen in person women who have been abused and used by men and made to feel like worthless rubbish. I can honestly and with my hand on my heart say that every woman that I have seen who is a victim of abuse is lovely, with an inner beauty and positive bright soul, the shame is on the men totally. I think the men have the need to exert power and break women, they cannot cope with attractive, independent strong women so they have to break them. Honestly, some of the men that I have known have been down right ugly, gross and useless excuses for a man, overweight, smelly, dirty, unhygienic, drinkers, con men, lazy it goes on & on. To have the gall to then try to break a self assured beautiful confident woman is astounding.

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