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    Hello Everyone!
    I hope your all dping OK. I wrote a long post this morning spent ages typing it clicked submit and It never appeared in the fourum 🙁 I was gutted and didn’t have the energy to write it all back out again has this happened with anyone else?

    I just wanted to share something my H said to me today , again I broached the subject of divorce but instead of listening to me he carried on exercising whilst I talked, I started to get frustrated and to him he never listens properly when I’m trying to discuss something and I left the house to go for axwalk .

    When I returned he told me
    (detail removed by moderator)

    And (detail removed by moderator)

    I felt really offended deep down by this as I know im an excellent multi tasker my job involves high levels of multi tasking, I did very well at school and University and so to say this to me is like saying I’m not very intelligent? Or have a small brain 🙁

    What are your thoughts on this? I’ve wrote it down in my journal i just wanted to see if this is abusive or if I’m over reacting.


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    Some of the post has been redacted but I can tell you when I tried to broach a subject my ex did not want to talk about he moved the spotlight completely off that subject and onto something else. Or else he became aggressive. They think it’s okay just to ignore and not engage or discuss anything that they don’t agree with. This is how he will react to anything he knows he can’t win. My advice is if you’ve decided on a divorce then get started behind his back. Get all your ducks in a row because when he realises you’re serious and no amount of ignoring you will change things, he will try to destroy you.

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    Apologies I didnt know it would be taken out:( basically telling me I’m incapable of multitasking as I dont have that sort of brain:(

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    That has absolutely nothing to do with discussing a divorce. He’s changing the spotlight away from the topic of divorce hoping you won’t bring it up again if he makes it too difficult. They are so shallow. If you keep bringing it up he will keep manipulating the conversation away. This can go on for years. Plan a safe escape away from him without his knowledge. You’ve tried to discuss it and it won’t work.

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