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    I haven’t slept in so long. My emotions are still up and down and im struggling to eat. I’m back in my family home at square one. I had to leave my home and my job. That’s a small price to pay for the freedom of knowing he can’t hurt me again. But I just can’t get a break from my own mind.
    Any one else felt like this?

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    Yes, the first while is dreadful. But I promise it will pass. Are you receiving good counselling? I had PTSD and didn’t receive treatment for a while and it got a grip so good early counselling is what’s needed. Force feed yourself. And keep water with you at all times. Keep sipping. I remember that huge knot and sick feeling but you need food and water to feed your brain as well as your body. What you’re going through is your brain, now it’s safe, trying to make sense of everything that’s happened. If you know what’s happening it makes it all less scary. I know reading will be a problem as it takes concentration and your brain is focussed on what’s happened to you so try to watch some YouTube on recovering from n**********c abuse or recovering from PTSD. Keep posting and reaching out on here every step of the way. The ladies on here will have experience that not many others in your life will have. Try mindfulness to reduce anxiety. Speak to your doctor and don’t be afraid to takes medication for the short term. I didn’t take anti anxiety meds but I got some antihistamine because the side effect was drowsiness and helped me sleep. Also try to go to bed and get up at the same time each morning. Even if you walk about like a zombie. Your sleep pattern will get back to normal quicker. If you wake up at night there’s always the Samaritans and if you’re having five o’clock frights then leave a light and radio on so you’re more quickly aware of your surroundings. Most important, be very kind to yourself and take baby steps. I had to limit myself to three things per day. That could be shower, open mail, get food shop. Hang in there x you will get through this just like I have x

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    Feeling like it now, but getting strength from people on this forum telling me it’s part of the process. Sending love x

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