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      So I’ve decided I’m leaving tonight as soon as I get back home I’m just going to tell him that it’s over and that im going. I had really wanted to leave when hes out but he never goes anywhere and honestly I can’t sit there and pretend everything’s all OK anymore. I’m so so scared of how he’s going to react. I kind of want him to kick off so it seems justified, it’s like if he just breaks down its going to kill me. I know that sounds stupid but I do really cre about him even though he’s been awful to me. I haven’t been able to eat for the last 3 days and have just been vomiting all the time my stomachs so bad with nerves

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      Pineapple, I don’t want to discourage you but please be careful. The most dangerous time is when they realise you’re are leaving them. Do you have a plan of where you are going to go. Perhaps you need to talk you plan through with WA to make sure you stay safe. Do you have any friends who will check on you and who could contact the police if necessary.

      I know its exhausting and you want to leave but you need to stay safe

      Good Luck xx

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      Hi Pineapple, If you can ring Womens Aid first before you go, if he is unpredictable they can advise you on what to do for the best. I hope that everything goes well and that you leave safely x

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      You not stupid we are all care our abuser but we need to care about our self first. You know him more than anyone. Please think about your safety. Leave him in a save way.

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      I’m out now and safe staying with family. He actually really surprised me, although he was angry at first when I said I was leaving he didn’t start shouting and screaming like I thought he would. Which I think actually made me feel even worse. At first he argued with me that he’d done nothing wrong and he was annoyed that I’d spoken about him to my family. Then he followed me around telling me to stop packing but when he realised that I wasnt going to stop and that I had somewhere to go he actually ended up helping me and saying that I could go back anytime to collect the rest of my things as he doesn’t want to throw them out as per my instructions. I told him I hoped that the would be happy in the future and that he gets all the help he needs but he was just crying and sharing his head at me saying I didn’t need to leave. I left him with a letter explaining why Ive left so he can read it over again later. Then when I left he shouted after me that he loves me. It just broke my heart. I could tell by the look on his face that I’d just destroyed him and it’s upset me so much. He never believed id go. Now I have and I feel so so bad for him it’s awful I want to just say it’s OK Ill give u another chance but I know if I do its only a matter of time before I’m in the same situation

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      Stay strong, he may try lots of guilt trips and then may get aggressive when that doesn’t work. Stay safe

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      Hi Pineapple, you have done so well! I am glad you are safe. That is most important.
      Please keep posting whilst you build your new life, so that you can overcome the tough times easier.

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      well done hun, so glad everything went in your favour, stay strong and get support f or yourself and do no contact, we here to support u

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