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      For a while things were going alright then my husband just stopped telling me he loved me, just played with our baby when he got home. Started having breakfast with (detail removed by Moderator). Whenever I asked him if everything was fine he said it was, despite his actions being different. So, when I was invited to an event with our baby I accepted. He was fine with it then at the last moment he threatened me so I had to cancel. Since then every day almost he has been calling me names, asking our baby if he wants another Mum. Saying I’m, “Trash. ” Sometimes I will just open my mouth to speak to him and he will Sigh. He told me that if I divorce him he will tell people I am mad and get full custody because he can afford it.
      He has also started some bizzare behaviour like making his hand into the shape of a gun and pretending to shoot our son (detail removed by Moderator). Hiding things I am looking for in the house. So I think I’ve lost them, like keys but then I will find them later. Everytime I have asked him if he wants a divorce, he says he doesn’t. He recently went to his Dr and told them, that my mother is affecting my mental health and that, I am reliant on her for everything. That I have not been taking our baby out the house as much as a result.
      But because I changed Dr’s along with our child, the Dr informed him that he needed to perhaps speak to my GP.I’m also not allowed to speak on the phone to certain family members as he said it’s an invasion of his house. And that I am causing him stress by speaking of certain family members.

      (detail removed by Moderator) verbally his mother told me I was making him stressed. So when I texted her and told her, I would be happy to divorce him if he was so unhappy. She said she wasn’t referring to me making him stressed. As though I was making te whole thing up.

      And almost every week my husband keeps talking to me about having mental health issues, but I’m fine. And I’m a great Mum.

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      Twisted Sister

      Hi Yiyuh

      firstly I am loving hearing you call yourself a great mum! Thats so brilliant, and you sound really strong and switched on to what he’s doing and I think you called his mum’s bluff when you said you would accept a diivorce if being married to you was making him unhappy!

      Would it bring shame on the family to concede you needed to divorce? Perhaps this is why they resist divorce in favour of just being vile and abusive to you.

      Have you spoken to your new GP about what he’s been doing to you, and the baby? In certain respects he sounds very unhinged himself and dangerous. Its absolutely obscene for him to pretend to be pointiung a gun at the baby (detail removed by Moderator). This is a very real threat to your baby’s safety.

      If you share this kind of information with your GP, I would think that they would have to invoke safeguarding procedures to keep you and the baby safe.

      I am so sorry you are having this to deal with and manage a baby.

      Would you be prepared to get the police involved?

      You are really spot on with your analysis of whats going on, and every right to be feeling that you need a divorce but you need to be safe above all else, and I don’t get the sense that yuo are with something who is behaving in such bizarre ways.

      stay safe and keep your phone with you at all times. Are you able to call them to put a marker on your address so if you did call you could have immediate assistance?

      warmest wishes


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