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      I am very angry about the way I got divorced in the awful Family Court.
      But there is another side to it.

      The abuser tried desperately to get me arrested and denied everything he had done to me. But the police had evidence, therefore he could not escape.
      The Family Court listened to him and followed his manipulations despite the evidence that existed against him.
      The judges were his friends and my enemies.
      He obviously thought that he would succeed if he started the divorce quickly and also the financial proceedings, before the criminal procedures were finished.
      I could not start the divorce because I was so caught up with re-organising my life and coping with the trauma and the entire court situation.
      For this reason he paid everything, as he was the one who started it. I paid a solicitor because I had not the faintest idea how a divorce should be done.
      After a few months I fired the solicitor because she was absolutely useless and colluded behind my back with the solicitor of the abuser.
      I recently happened to come across a website that listed how much the fees for a divorce cost at court and also the fee for financial proceedings.
      The final verdict forced me to pay him something. It was not much.
      Now, that I know how much he had paid for court fees, I have to laugh. He never got from me what he hoped for and the payment I had to make did not cover his expenses.
      He has to pay thousands for the fines from the criminal court and he also had a negative balance from the divorce.
      It serves him right.
      He will not recover from this, because working is not his strength. He may live in deep poverty forever and starve every day. Although the criminal court treated him very mildly, he is f… I hope he suffers and all the women he meets may not give him money or leave him shortly. I know what he looks for. His life is messed up.
      Somehow he got what he deserved.
      His superiority thinking, all what he did to me, he pays it with a miserable life in an area that is ugly, dark, hopeless, that oozes poverty.
      I learnt that he had to sell many things that I left for him.
      Hello walls, he can sing now in the empty flat.
      I find it consoling to know that he has a miserable life.

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      My idiot ex dragged out his criminal case for nearly (detail removed by Moderator) years. I can imagine his defence lawyers fees were well over £10k plus the fine. The money he stole from the joint account before he was arrested I’m sure is well gone. He’s the type of person who is totally financially irresponsible. He’s now living in one of the worst areas in the town where I live. My son tells me he is miserable. Karma karma karma😃
      I sacked my first divorce lawyer. Worse than nothing at all. Complained to her company and got all my money back plus compensation.
      The world is full of useless professionals who cannot do the job they’re paid for. They get away with doing nothing.

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