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      Twisted Sister

      I watched as he said one thing to his male friend (how he lusted after India), but when Anna was ‘feeling’ things were wrong, he blamed her for being miserable, when she confronted him and called him out on it, he called her boring, and never met someone so negative.

      Gaslighting b*****d!

      How his mask has slipped. Impressed with Anna, but he completely denied her feelings although she was spot on about what was going on and had the strength to call him out on it and stick to her guns.

      What do his male friends think of him now?!

      Turned it completely around on her, and it was hard to actually believe he was really doing this on tv! How arrogant and entitled.

      Its done me good seeing it in action from an outside perspective,but poor Anna. Jordan needs kicking out, i wonder if anyone supports him.

      Slept with over 100 girls! No actual relationships.

      Michael was the same, sat and lied when questionned after he came out. Just awful they think they are cool to carry on this way.

      Sick programming.

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      I’m in two minds about this programme. On one had it’s sick and exploitative. I remember being 20. I was still a child in a lot of ways. I think their behaviour may come to haunt them. Their 15 minutes of fame. On the other hand it’s educational and promotes discussion about this kind of behaviour that many young people, and older people won’t have experienced. I think a couple of past contestants have already committed suicide. Says it all x

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      Twisted Sister

      His behaviour is the subject of national media conversation today.

      I think that has to be good. The show has also announced two shows a year today.

      It is horribly exploitative, and messes with the minds and emotions of young adults, sometimes irrevocably with devastating consequences.

      The sttitude seems to be that providing there are sufficient psycholigists on hand to rectify the damage (limit risk to the shows image) that makes everything ok.

      Well, news, it doesnt.

      Nothing justifies this puppetry with our young peoples lives.

      Its cruel devising ‘games’ that deliberately cause emotional distress, feeding them lines from news and social media to cause doubt, confusion and mistrust.

      Its watching some horrible social experiment unfold.

      How have we ‘progressed’ to this?

      It has helped me enormously, and Anna and girls stood firm and together against this.

      Ovie performed well in offering India a way out of the erupting row.

      …but in this scenario who can know what’s false and whats real? Life with an abuser is the same and he’ll blame you for your confusion and doubt (looking at you Jordan)

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      Twisted Sister

      I truly hope that they kick jordan out foe this, and that the nation has its eyes a bit more open to this behaviour!

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      [email protected]

      we certainly saw a side to Jordan last night – im sure this will ruin him and so it should – I sat up and my seat gaslighting indeed. cant believe that he was this stupid! honestly just shows that some men don’t have a clue how to treat women xxxx

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      Twisted Sister

      I know Diymum!

      Even us, who know, and experienced this stuff can be shocked by the sheer audacity and entitlement as he stands there blatantly gaslighting, so ingrained and doesn’t occur to him how obvious this will be to everyone watching.

      I watched it with shere disbelief at what was unfolding, that he kept going with this!

      Makes everything so very clear for those who werent sure about gaslighting being a thing

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      Twisted Sister

      What makes me so sad is that i didn’t see this coming from him, but feel i really should have with his ‘headturning’ in casa amore reveal.

      This makes me more concerned about how difficult this is to spot!

      How to keep this from repeatedly happening, go slowly slowly, i guess?

      Was the same with poor Amy and fake Curtis. Producers/psychs really did a job on Amy.

      Its not a car crash.

      Its a pile up!

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      I’m wondering deep down if this is Anna’s punishment for coupling up with Ovie and not returning as a single woman for Jordan. What better way to rub her nose in it. Just like he thinks she did to him. It’s what many abusers would do for revenge. How dare she dump him for someone else? Maybe I’m overthinking but wouldn’t surprise me.

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      Twisted Sister

      That’s absolutely a possibility isnt it, yes, i hadn’t thought about that. It makes total sense.

      Poor Anna, what a pile up

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      They both handled it badly in my opinion, which people do, she had every right to feel upset and angry but she went in guns blazing and he retaliated – was awful to watch; has left me feeling done with it. Looked horrid to be there.

      A doesn’t communicate very well, she loses her head and fires off with aggression, there is no discussion – look how differently Ovie handled it with J; think this shows a lack of emotional maturty in A to be honest and this has been a pattern, wasn’t just on this occassion. And as for J, who goes on national TV and confesses to sleeping with over a 100 women – disgusting, thinking that should come back to bite him on the a*s though – I hope. You’re not telling me all of those women were just in it for the fun – if this is true, not sure it is tbh.

      They were both out of control in my mind. Yes good for her calling him out but it would have been brilliant if she’d been able to get a handle on her emotions and delivered what she wanted to say with respect for me – would have left him on the floor!

      If J had spoken to A before I then this would have shown him to be respectful and honest – the kind of man I can respect – shame hey.

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