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      I was sat quite on the computer
      And there was a knock at my door . I froze as I do not have any visitors and I just listened and I never heard any one walk away after they stopped knocking or go through the outside door its noisy and I never heard a neighbour go back in to their door either just silence .
      Very strange. I thought it might have been my ex it sounded how he knocks so I never went to the door just in case . Felt shaky after too .
      Big hugs x*x

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      It gets easier but trust your gut. Check doors are locked X

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      Dear Savingmyself, I can completely understand your nervousness.

      When did this happen? Is your home as secure as it can be? Womens Aid or other DV organisations can put in safety measures if you look into it. I agree with KIP, trust your gut instinct, this is so important. XXXXX

      This subtle knocking is a classic tactic. Maybe just monitor what happens now, any further incidents, if it is him he is likely to do something else of a similar ilk at some point. X*X

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      Hi Kip

      Yes I always keep the bolt across on the door and he has never ever had my keys.
      So I am safe ,Just so weird as I can always hear people coming in and out.
      The outside door has a real distinct sound to it so I don’t know how he crept in and out in silence.
      Big hugs to you xx

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      Hi HA
      Yes Hun my place is very safe . It was a subtle knocking who ever it was did not call out or leave a note. I remember how he knocks and it felt the same
      You can’t get in downstairs unless someone lets you in.
      I also keep my buzzer turned off
      So he would have had to have walked in behind someone!
      How does he even know I don’t have another boyfriend
      That could of went to the door and answered it ?
      Not that I do lol
      But he sure has a girlfriend.
      Big hugs x*x

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      That is scary.
      I am glad you take precautions.

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      This sounds like an abusers subtle tactic, watch your back & trust your instinct. These men are just plain creepy, why can’t they just be normal and rational. I’m currently reading Living with the Dominator. It gives examples of normal, non abusive men. They do not creep around, watching and waiting it just pure creepy. Keep us posted.

      I have recently had a stalking scare. Firstly I have asked myself if my ex got to hear about the name Womens Aid, took a look at this forum, saw my posts & has been reading this forum for months. I have no hard evidence at all & it may just be an over active imagination, I may be paranoid. Anyway, i have decided if he is doing that I am going to post as normal anyway.

      (Detail removed by moderator). Knowing what I know now about abusers anything goes. XXXXX

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      Hi all
      I just went out side my door to have a look and there was a catalogue on the floor and the door had been wedged open that’s how I never heard anyone coming or going
      Thanks for all the support
      I am glad it was not him phew and I know my security is good
      Big hugs x*x

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      Panic over XXXXXXXXXXX But its easy & understandable to feel like this.

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      Oh good news!

      I get terrified about letters thrown through the door and people knocking.

      The abuse leaves marks on us.

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      Yes panic over
      Thank you all again for your support
      Big hugs x*x

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