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      I made last night. I’d had a few drinks out and ended up texting him giving him grief. So he’s obviously now got my number. He were saying all same things how can he help his son if I won’t let him near. But been there and done that and he blows every chance. He said he would never of left me it were me who got rid of him. How he misses us all. Thank God I didn’t invite him round good thing is it hasn’t even really bothered me that much I’ve blocked him again so nothing has changed. Juzt dissapointed with myself x

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      dont be hard on yourself, just make sure u dont do again and keep him block

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      I think we’ve probably all slipped up at least once on braking the no contact thing. I have done it hundreds of times. The only way I am able to resist is to completely remove any possibility of being able to contact him. Because I’m sure I would text him when Id had a few drinks lol. Can you delete his number so even if you’re tempted, you won’t be able to.

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        Hi I’ve blocked him. It were all same stuff as usual he misses us all loves me. Ha. How can he help when I won’t let him near. Keeping him blocked. He’s lying as he says the same things x

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      Dear Better Days, try not to worry too much, we all have slip ups sometimes. The important thing is not to do it again if you can do that. I contacted by ex about 3 weeks ago, i got some excellent advice on here, i will forward some of the posts to you. If someone has got your number its not difficult to put right, you can just block them. Hope your doing ok despite this. XXXXX (Have you read any of the HG Tudor books? No Contact is one of his books which might help you right now, Fuel is another)

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        Hi healthy archive yes I’ve blocked him again as it’s same lines again x

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      hey hun

      hope u feeling bit better today and like ladies said, we all make blips, its how we recognise and behave after that keeps us stronger

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      We all have slip ups.

      Pull up the drawbridge and go no contact again! X*xđź’›

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      Dear Betterdays, if you look at the post he,s engaged,KIP made some good comments about no contact x

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