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      it’s so difficult to recover from an eating disorder when you’ve got parents who constantly tell you you’re fat and to lose weight and not eat
      i’m struggling so much with food and losing more weight rapidly to the point i can hardly stand because of my mental health and i’m not even allowed to eat when i’m home without having insults thrown at me

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      Hi unsinkableunicorn,

      I’m sorry your experiencing this abuse from your parents and how detrimental this has been to your mental and physical health. It’s important you are not isolated in all this and are getting the help yo need to recover.
      In case you haven’t had any support, BEAT is a national eating disorder helpline who may be good to speak to.
      You could also try calling Supportline who offer confidential emotional support to reach people before they get to “crisis” point. They offer support by telephone, email and post. They work with callers to develop healthy, positive coping strategies, an inner feeling of strength and increased self-esteem to encourage healing, recovery and moving forward with life. They also keep details of counsellors, agencies and support groups throughout the UK. They cover a wide range of issues, including domestic abuse. They can also refer locally. You can contact them on 01708 765200, or visit their website at
      In terms of addressing the abuse and control you are experiencing, it’s always good to engage with your local domestic abuse service to see what help they can offer.
      I hope this is helpful to you. Do keep posting.
      Take care,


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      I’m so sorry to hear this unsinkableunicorn. You are enduring incredibly cruel abuse. If I knew nothing about abuse, I would say unthinkable abuse. Unfortunately I have some awareness of how horrifically cruel abusers can be. To be abused like this from the people who are supposed to love and protect you must be unimaginably scary and painful.

      You are reaching out here, which is great and shows there is some fight in you, despite what you’re suffering. It shows you have incredible strength. Please keep reaching out for the support Lisa suggested. You have done nothing to deserve this treatment. You deserve as much love and respect as anybody else. You are as unique and special as anybody else. There is nothing you could have done to deserve this suffering.

      I saw something on Facebook that made me think of a previous post I think you wrote (I do sometimes get muddled by who posted what, so apologies if it wasn’t you). I think you’ve previously mentioned that your sister is treated completely differently to you and I might have mentioned that you are the scapegoat of the family. You might want to look up the scapegoat and the golden child. The video I saw was by Team Swan. Please be aware that Teal Swan has faced criticism in the past about her views (although I haven’t come across anything worrying, I think she has tried to avoid the types of misunderstandings that have happened in the past) so only take any notice if you feel what she says is supportive of your healing. Or just google scapegoat and golden child and see what others say. I hope it can help you see that none of this is your fault. Sending lots of love xxxx

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